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Dodgy Report on Speeding in Sunday Mail

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by geoffbickle, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. ok check this out for a shocking report on speeding.... who, honestly, in their right mind thinks that any of the reported speeds are dangerous?


    of particular note "Most of the leadfoots were clocked between 111km/h and 118km/h." .. this is in a 110km /hour zone ... i mean come on!!

    I mean who here doesnt ride/drive at 120km/h in a 110 zone on the freeway?
  2. considering the section of road those people who got done are idiots, back when i lived in Adelaide the section from Two Wells to Wakefield was always under the police microscope. Speed and chances are you'll get caught.

    I'de like to see what the Sunday Mail would have to say about the speeds say west of Iron Knob are like :):)
  3. Wow, I have never heard the term 'Leadfoot' associated with drivers travelling at 1km/h (111 km/h) over the speed limit before!

    Lucky nobody was seriously injured!
  4. "And the highest speed in the 110km/h zone was 125km/h – by a marked police car, just north of Two Wells shortly after 5pm, travelling without its siren sounding or its lights flashing."

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Busted! :)
  5. <rant>When are we going to get a serious anti-speed-nazi-ism lobby in this country? It's absolutely ingrained in the Australian public's psyche that sitting 20 or 30k over the limit on a $hit-boring, straight-line, virtually empty freeway is reckless and wanton behaviour undertaken by evil and suicidal types. And the coppers enforce it as such.

    Look at the UK... There's a culture of 85mph in a 60 zone over there, supported by sensible policing. Towns and cities are obviously a different prospect; Where there's pedestrians, lots of lights etc and heavy traffic, a 60k zone should be enforced because it's actually making the road safer for everyone. Hiding behind billboards on the freeways though is ridiculous...

    If anything they oughtta be getting slow drivers out of the right hand lanes, that's where high-speed frustration, tailgating and dangerous situations occur time after time. And it's the public's "all speed limit breaches are the work of unstable maniacs that should be punished" attitude that makes stubborn, high-horse-sitting, cruise-control-on-99 tossers keep sitting in the fast lane staying exactly level with the car beside them in the first place.</rant>

    I feel better now. Guess who came home from Warrigal on the freeway yesterday?