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Dodgy rego

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by demuire, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. I bought my SV650 a few weeks ago, and went to pay the rego today (expired today, didn't get a notice because they sent it out before I bought the bike) and discovered that it's registered as a single seater??? It has rear pillion seat and rear footpegs, and to my knowledge does not have any mod plates. How was it registered as a single seater? I'm the 2nd owner, it's a 2004 SV650...

    Anyway, now I have to take the bike to Queensland Transport to prove that it is indeed a double seater so that I can register it as a two-seater, the lady behind the counter said they may want me to put a mod plate on it to convert it back to a two-seater (although it was never actually converted to a single seater...)

  2. Is registering a bike as a single-seater in Qld cheaper?

    Maybe the previous owner never took a pillion and wanted to save a few bucks?
  3. Yes, half price for half seats. But bike needs to have mod plate for solo rego, no rear pillion seat (or something to that description) and no rear footpegs. Maybe they put the pillion seat and pegs back on when they sold the bike, but even then it should have a mod plate...? Maybe it "fell off".
  4. Hmm, or maybe I should just take the rear footpegs off, and if they ever pull me over just claim the mod plate fell off. Haha, I wonder how well that would travel...
  5. Interesting. Had a closer look at the bike today, and there is a small corner of what looks like a mod plate sticking out from under the rear fairing (like, where the seat is). Can't see what it says, can only see the date on it. So I don't know if it's a modification for the seat number or if it's something else - the only way to see would be to dismantle the rear end of the bike...

    Anyways, assuming that plate is indeed for a 1 seater mod, then I guess it has been mod plated after all, you just can't see the mod plate. Will have to call around to find out what needs to be taken off the bike if I want to keep it a single seater, and how much it would cost to put another plate on it to return it to a dual seater once I'm off my pillion restriction...

    Surely there must be a law or something to prevent this from happening ie selling a bike as a dual seater when it's registered as a solo?
  6. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Never heard of that single/dual seater rego before.

    To my understanding a motorcycle, unless it has a sidecar or is a trike is a SOLO, single seat vehicle. The fact that it has the capacity to carry a pillion shouldn't matter?

    Then again it is QLD :)

    GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Called up Qld Transport to ask about the legality of selling a solo registered bike in a dual-seater configuration, they didn't want to have anything to do with it and just told me to try to sort it out with the shop itself (who won't return my calls) or call the Department of Fair Trading...
  8. Why are you so hung up about it?
  9. Because I didn't know it was a single rego, and now I have to spend more money to make it legal... Plus, if I had had an accident after I bought it, CTP would not cover it at all, and the bike would be pretty much treated as an unregistered bike.
  10. My guess is that it has been registered as single seater to save $$$, but the previous owner has put the seat on after to carry a pillion, without changing the reg. The shop possibly would not know, or could plead ignorance.
    Options: Pay the single reg and ride solo.
    Pay the single reg and pillion ...too risky as no Insurance.
    Go through the procudure outlined by QT.
    Don't pay...and ride anyway... stupid option.
    I'd take the bike to the shop and ask them if they could help you by removing the seat so you can see what the sticker reads. (If you don't know how yourself)
  11. ronk: When I spoke to QT they confirmed that yes, the bike is a solo rego. And that yes, it is illegal to ride it in it's current form.
  12. All of my bikes have always had "SOLO" on the registration in VIC.... But I have only been here a couple of years, so its only 4 bikes...
  13. QLD allows a significant reduction (roughly 50%) in compulsory third party insurance if your bike has been rendered incapable of carrying a pillion.

  14. Cheers Chariman.

    I never knew that that option existed.
    Drilling out the threaded holes that secure the footpegs is a little drastic though :)
  15. I'd be double checking, there may be some crossed wires here over the difference between "solo" and "single seat" which are quite different things.

    You've used the expression "solo" a few times. Is that what it says on the documentation? If so, you are fine - it just means you don't have a sidecar attached.

    On the other hand, if the rego documents explicitly describe it as a "single seat" bike then the previous owner did something very illegal.
  16. Documentation says:

    "Seats: 1"

    And yes, I only paid $196 for 12 months rego today, so that's for a single seat motorcycle (ie, 1 person, no pillion)
  17. Well this is fun.

    Got a call back from Team Moto. They tell me that the bike has been re-modified back to a dual seater (who knows where the plate is - they said they'll show it to me when I bring the bike in) and they will give me the cert to prove it, and I'll need to go to Suncorp to get a change of class letter (?) and then to Qld Transport to get the rego changed over as well...

    But yes, they did say that if I got pulled over now or had an accident on the bike before I got all of this done, my bike will be treated as an uninsured unregistered bike :(

    Hmm. Oooookay...
  18. So I guess you learned something about these guys' ethical and professional standards. If you hadn't noticed, and hadn't asked, I suppose they weren't going to bother telling you.