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dodgy plug

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by blackjacket, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Edit: Ooops! This was meant to reply to the Cagiva Mito not starting thread :p

    Well I had quite a day on Saurday. Went out and bought a bunch of stuff, Start Ya Bastard, a spark plug and a jerry can.

    First I went to drain the tank, but I was too dumb to buy a hose to drain the tank, so I spilled petrol all over the place trying to drain it into the jerry can. (Can't reach the plugs/carbs/intake without removing tank). Completely overlooked the fact that there is a FUEL TAP. Managed to put a scratch in the tank somewhere along the way. :( :(

    Engine still wouldn't start when fed with start ya bastard. Pulled out the plug and it looked like this:


    Was also sopping wet with fuel. Held it against the head, electrocuted myself, and verified spark... Replaced it with a brand new NGK B95EGV (as per workshop manual) and it fired up first crank. Not sure about the old plug... was an Iridium plug, BR9-something-or-other. Also had an unusual threaded contact:


    All's good now, though I'm really worried about the petrol I spilt all over the tank and down the fairings... Can't see any damage yet besides smudging some touch-up paint. :(