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Dodgy Patch Jobs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dane75, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. I dropped my bike in for a service and tune and asked them to address what was causing an annoying rattle noise in the bike (suspected it was valves related?). So they check it out and thought it might have been the cam chain but it was tight still. So they adjust the tappits and do the service but it still sounded like crap so they checked the cam chain again and discover the tensioner had been over extended and then welded into place.

    Has anyone else seen this kind of shoddy patch job done before? I am hoping there is nothing else like this on the bike and am hoping it doesnt cost me too much to get it all fixed

  2. Aah, that takes me back to the world of tired late 70s Hondas that I was once unfortunate enough to inhabit. :LOL:
  3. haha
    sound like somone couldnt afford a 10 spring
  4. the old if you cant see it, it must be fine..shouldnt cost much for parts..thats as bad as hub cap mags
  5. Not a Sumoto bike by any chance?
  6. nah not sumoto, it has had at least two owners prior to me in Australia and god only knows how many in Japan

    It is finished being fixed and the damage is $579 all up after a service, new spark plugs, oil, clutch gasket, valve adjusting, new cam chain and new tensioner and labour

    I go to get it tomorrow and by christ it better run better than ever before or I will be very unhappy
  7. heh pesky camchains. glad I don't have one. :p

    At least it sounds like you didn't get majorly reamed. Fair bit of labour in adjusting valves and replacing that sort of stuff.
  8. I swear I have the worst luck with things...

    Pick the bike up today, it sounds good, ran well.... untill I was about 5 km out of town (25km away from the service point)

    The bike lost speed to the point where the throttle was pinned and it was barely doing 100kmh, get to the first roundabout and had to stop... so did the bike.

    Got it going again and as I limped it home it was loosing power, it would rev hard but hardly actually be moving

    so now the service guys are coming to pick it up and take it back again

    I am tossing up if I should just be done with it and sell it once they get it going and get something better.... either way I am going to loose money :(
  9. not quite so bad, but in my across carby, the slide clip had worn out completely and was wedged in with a little piece of plastic bag :shock:
  10. Ironically, the OEM clip costs less than the plastic bag it comes in... :LOL:
  11. Don't talk to me about those fu**ing across carby slide holder clips!!! And they are like $8 EACH for a piece of plastic!!!!!!!