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Dodgy parking

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ZRX, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. Parked my bike next to a pole this morning, with a decent gap to dismount etc. When I returned, some idiot had parked their bike so close to mine that it was actually touching it, and I was unable to get on. I had to stand next to it and kind of lift and shuffle it out, not happy. If I wasn't such a strong, muscular and attractive specimen of masculinity then I would've been fcuked :LOL:

    Seriously though, somebody old or small wouldn't have been able to get the bike out, I had to use a fair bit of strength and was pretty worried about dropping it. Is this sort of shit common, and what is the etiquette in this situation? Should I wait for the owner to return and beat them with something heavy and blunt?
  2. you should have just moved their bike, grab their bike by their front forks and walk it away.
  3. ahahahhaha... i can just picture myself walking away with my mates bike by the front...
  4. I see it happen all the time in the city in Adelaide.
    And I hate to say it but I find it's usually scooters that park themselves so they're leaning on/touching bikes.

    This is why I never park on the street if I can avoid it.
  5. Its great when you do it to mates, get two people one to pick up the front and one to pick up the rear and move their bike maybe 2 or 3 meters from where they parked it(behind a car).
  6. After writing a note of explanation attached to your bike, jam a screw driver in their ignition and ride off with it.
  7. I did think of that, but I'm a cripple at the moment - got a prolapsed disc in my back, which made moving my bike that little bit more difficult :evil:
  8. It wasn't a scooter, but it was close enough (Honda Rebel, mwahahaha)
  9. I had to move someone's scooter the other day as it was blocking the carpark gate from opening fully. I didn't like doing it as I know I wouldn't want people touching my bike, but I had to get out.

    I did the same thing with a car yesterday - someone had parked it outside my house and I needed to park another car there, so I just pushed it down the road. If I'd known who's it was I would have asked first, but if they're not around and I can move it without doing any damage, I'll just do it.
  10. I hope I'm misreading that. You pushed a car down the road brakes on and all???? How big are you :shock: or the bike was parked in front of the driveway?
  11. ah, this reminds me of that time a few mths ago.

    parked the bike across the st from the barber.

    finished up inside and was greeted by some morons car wedged just inches away from my bike and another car. how it was parked the way it was is beyond me.

    stuck around abit to see if i could "chat" with the owner but he/she was nowhere to be seen :evil:
  12. No, they left the door unlocked, so I just stuck a screwdriver in the shift-lock release and rolled it forwards. Steering lock stopped the wheels from turning, but that wasn't a problem.
  13. aus where bouts did this happen i have never had that problem anywhere in canberra?
  14. Then havent they suffered enough already :LOL:
  15. ok i seen the height of dodgy parking today, some bloke in defence in canberra parked his 06 gixxer 1000 behind a car at campbell offices today, all seems nice and innocent til i drive past and leaving over on the stand he has got the bike not even 10 cm from the boot lid of the car parallel parked in front of it, sorry but some people need to get some common sense he would have no come back if the caracked over his bike as it wouldnt be seen through the rear vision
  16. you mean something like this :grin:


    or you can just park your bike like this :LOL:
  17. i dont use the parking at circular quay but i shake my head most times i walk past it. You sometimes find some beautiful bikes crowded in by crappy drifters and yes theyre touching. I sometimes wonder if they ride in together cause some bikes you cant saddle.
  18. I've had both cars & scooters (never another bike) do stuff like that to me. Given that I am not a strong, verile example of masculinity like the OP (quite the opposite) I was in real trouble once when a car parked so close to me that my footpegs were inside it's front grill. I had to lay on the damsel in distress act and get a passer-by to help me shift my bike over.

    And scooters - bah! Don't even get me started. :roll: Dipsticks.
  19. Hey edgelett, I fully agree about the scooters in Adelaide... Ive seen it loads of times.

    I had that happen to me a few months back, there was no way I could even get my bike back off the stand because the scooter was so close. It was parked in between two bikes, mine and another, who were both nicely parked in the center of our bike parks (the ones by Adelaide uni and parliment house, off North tce).

    I just lifted it up and moved it over, unfortunately the only place was closer to the other bike, but I left an angry note saying something to the effect that if they ever pulled that stunt again Id just pick thier bike up and dump it on its side in the gutter, where it belongs.

    The audacity! As if they couldnt have just parked somewhere else! I dont know what that guy was thinking, parking inbetween two bikes, between two legitametely occupied spaces. The nerve! :p
  20. What a d*ckhead. Reaction on their face when they came out to get
    into their car wouldve been gold. :grin: :LOL:

    Astounds me how many people leave their cars unlocked or not leave
    the park brakes on.

    Once in my youth, same thing happened to me, except car was locked
    but had not been left in Park.

    3 of us pushed it. The car mounted the curb & lodged on top of a rock.
    Front wheels were off the ground. :shock: :LOL: