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Dodgy LPG on cage

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by egiste, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. Not really a bike question, but...

    My ute has been running poorly on gas this morning and then failed to start. When I had a look under the bonnet I found that the connection from the gas converter to the intake is completly disconnected and the gas is just being pumped onto the exaust !!!

    It seems that the ELECTRICAL TAPE that was holding the hose connections together had become soft and let go due to heat (it sits up against the coolant resevoir)

    I have had the ute only a week and it was pruchased from a Ford dealer, who had replaced the head gasket just before I picked it up.

    Have been driving arround with seany (not in the ute) looking for hose parts to reattach it properly, at least until I get a chance to have it looked at professionally.

    As you can imagine I am more than a little disapointed.
    I wasn't intending on dying a horrid firery death this weekend.

    Any advise on people to contact (ie gas converter registration people, etc) about the dealers obviously shonky workmanship and lack of moral will be much appriciated !!

  2. :LOL:how the hell can they sell that, i mean, its not road worthy!!! you are taking it back to the dealer right?
  3. I'd document it with purchase receipts and photos. Then maybe ring consumer affairs and have a chat to them about best course of action. I'd also be going STRAIGHT back to the dealer and DEMANDING and explanation and immediate fix. Otherwise you could take it to the authorities as there is no way they could legally sell you something like that.
  4. I agree take the car back to the dealer, that can't be roadworthy
  5. It reminds me of my mates incident that nearly saw him seriously hurt/killed. His steering broke one day so he towed it to a place to get fixed and told him they'd call him when it was fixed. They called afew days later and told him it was ready. Anyhow 2 days later he was coming around a corner at about 60 and the steering went again, seeing him veer off the road and up the gutter. It was lucky he was travelling slow at the time. Anyhow he got under to have a look and found the repair had been done with COAT HANGER WIRE!!!!


    EDIT: That mechanic recieved a black eye about 2 hours later!!
  6. Thats pretty much how I feel.
    The dealer is in Albury, so they will be getting a hell of phone call in the morning but probably no car.
    I will be able to get it fixed tommorrow, and at least then it will be safe to drive.
    What pisses me off is that it will be $10 of parts to make it safe.
  7. It probably wouldn't hurt to contact the VACC about that one.

    I'm in Wang if you need a hand let me know.
  8. Call Consumer Affairs and notify the dealer that you have already reported it with details and photographs. Take it to a local LPG expert for a second opinion as well.