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Dodgy indicators, CB250

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by stefank, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. So, after three weeks without use (it was a nice holiday) the indicators on the 1999 CB250 have developed an intermittent fault. Just every now and then, both sides at once, and then they start working again after a bit of a rest. This is more than a nuisance as I was going to ring up and book my P test tomorrow - that may have to wait until I'm sure the indicators are going to work all the time.

    So far I have:

    filled the switch with electrical cleaning solvent

    cleaned the relay terminals

    taken out the battery and checked the voltage (around 12.76 - no way of checking load)

    Then it all works fine for about an hour, then another patch of nothing. I'm suspecting maybe the relay or power supply to the relay. Has anyone any other suggestions that I might try before paying someone who knows what they're doing to look at it?
  2. How is the relay mounted? I had a similar problem on a thumper. Remedied by using a cable tie to secure the relay into its fitting. Vibration was causing it to lose the plot intermittently. I had changed the relay with no change. Worth an easy try. Now I have a spare relay.
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  3. It's a reasonably flexible rubber mount. The cable tie could be worth a try, although the bike has done nearly 39000 k without one.......
  4. B4 u pay someone put a $10 new relay in it , or borrow one from your car and see if that fixes it
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  5. A new relay ($13.50) seems to have done the trick. Now if it will just stop raining I will take it for a test run.
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  6. If it comes back again, check out all the earths. funny indicator behavior is almost always a result of this.
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