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Dodgy - in a good way

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. A near miss, definitely, but all my own making. Thought I'd share the lessons learned.

    On the commute in to uni this morning, with my daughter as a passenger, and obviously I was thinking about something else because suddenly there was a stationary 4WD a few feet in front of me and I was going too quick to stop in time.

    So the lessons learned come in two bite:

    1. To avoid the situation, should have left a much bigger gap and paid better attention to what was going on. Sure, I think the driver in front braked too hard and too early for something up ahead, but that's gonna happen and I should have had the space and attention to cater for it.

    2. Given being in the situation, braked hard but then eased off the brakes and ducked around the right side of the vehicle. Turned out there was nothing in the lane to the right of me anyway, but I pulled into the 'splitting gap' between lanes rather than into the other lane anyway, so it would have been OK.

    If I'd just tried to brake, or got target fixated, I would have hit him.

    So getting it into your brain to look for the gap rather than just rely on the brakes - which is something I've learned from reading posts on this forum - is excellent and important advice.

    But it's still better to do 1 and avoid the situation...

  2. Hope your daughter was all right too, and didn't collect the 4WD while swerving around it. :biker:
  3. Yep, all good - she squeaked a bit, but didn't even get that scared, 'cos from her perspective it wasn't that close...
  4. You reminded me of something someone told me once about how cars view the world as a set of objects and fixate upon those objects, whereas motorbikes need to look at the space between all those objects.
  5. Chef, raven and bretto have all talked about that a bit.
  6. Yep, and I seriously credit Netrider (and those gents in particular) with getting me through this one unscathed, simply because it has drummed that message into me. Had I been just riding without reading here, it's quite possible I would have reacted differently.

    Kudos to those who run this joint: it has tangible rider safety benefits.
  7. cars need to do it too. Ever tried splitting in a car?