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Dodgy Ignition - KLR650

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by daewoo, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. The ignition switch on my thumper has started to play up.

    Hit the start button and you can here the relay switching but nothing happens... by holding the start button in a giggling stuff (kickstand, gear selector) and the ignition key, I have pretty much traced it to the ignition...

    Not knowing much about bikes, is this a common problem??? with the ignitionl being exposed to the elements???

    Is it an easy fix (some silicon spray or something) or do I need to replace the barrel???

    Any hints appreciated...

    O6 KLR650 - 14000Km (8,000 by me since I bought it in March :) )
    Only the ignition key and helmet lock key on the key ring...

  2. I don't really understand what you mean by

    "..by holding the start button in a giggling stuff (kickstand, gear selector) and the ignition key, I have pretty much traced it to the ignition... "

    but if you can hear the relay clicking, the switch would appear to be working OK. If the relay clicks but the engine doesn't turn over, I would first look at your battery- fluid level and charge (14.5V with the engine at a fast idle).
  3. With the ignition turned on (ie. Headlight on, neutral light on) pressing the starter button I could hear the relay click, (very quiet, I don't think it is the starter solenoid or anything, just the relay)... so I think the starter switch is OK...

    so I held the starter switch in, and jiggled the kick stand, thinking it might be the kickstand kill switch... nothing...

    I held the starter button and giggled the gear shift... nothing...

    I held the starter and jiggled the key in the ignition, and it kicked... which is what makes me think it is the ignition switch (ie. where you put the key... aka ignition barrel)

    I don't think it is the battery, because as soon as it 'engaged' it kicks over normally...

    Thanks for your input tho... hope I explained myself better...

  4. These bikes are NOTORIOUS for the safety switches on the clutch, sidestand and neutral playing up. I am betting it is one of them. You can bypass them all fairly easily.
    The way the safety circuit is for all these switches is they are all inline switches, meaning if one plays up, the whole circuit is dead.
    Go here http://www.klr650.net/forums/index.php and search up the problem, it's well documented as are the fairly easy fixes.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Also check your battery terminals are clean and done up well. They may be passing enough current to set of the primary on the relay but won't pay the bug current on the secondary.

    Andrew, would the relay work at all if any of the safety switches were not in contact?
  6. From memory, it might. There is some weird wiring going on with these bikes, they're actually quite antiquated, being a carryover from the KL600's.
    As an example, the ignition system has it's own stator for independent power supply as long as the engine is turning over (from teh kick starting days of the KL600). The ignition system does not need a battery at all. It is there for lighting and the starter. The coil is also ass backwards. The plus side is pulsed and ground remains constant (kill switches kill ground).
    Most of the kill switches ground out the ignition at the CDI box, one or two kill teh starter circuit, I can't remember exactly, but I think neutral switch or clutch switch kill starter AND ignition. I know there is a wire running from some part of teh kill switch circuit to the starter relay on teh frame up near the CDI box and that relay powers up the main starter relay down near teh starter on teh frame. Sometimes the forward relay can not pass enough current which will not energise the rear relay. Yes, it's odd. Staring at the wiring diagram gives you headaches!
    Anyway, all the kill switches on these bikes are not well waterproofed at all and will fail fairly easily. My bike has all of them bypassed.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Thanks for the info...

    I'll see what I can gather from KLR650.net