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Dodgy helmet visors

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by kolaemcee, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. OK so I own a Shark with tinted and clear visors which I swap around depending on the weather.

    My clear visor's a bit dodgy, sometimes if I push it up it'll come undone on one of the sides, and I'll have to push it back into place. The other day it decided to do this as I turned into the M4. It was too windy for me to just let it hang for a bit, and after trying to put it back on while heading down the ramp I decided I should pull over and do it properly.

    But by this time I had already reached the point where I had to merge (the e-lane on the on ramp was no good to pull over). Head check and bye bye visor. Pulled over straight away then and ran back down the e lane, expecting to find a heap of plastic in the middle of the freeway, but somehow it landed back in the e lane, despite flying off in the direction of the freeway!

    I'll upload a pic of it later, but amazingly all it copped were scuffs on the right side. I was able to wear it home though the right side is a bit too blurry to see comfortably out of.

    Anyone else had any fun with dodgy visors?
  2. <.<

    Tell me you've learned your lesson and have ordered a new visor already.
  3. I've got an Iridium and Clear on my Shark RSi. Can't say enough praise for the Helmet and Visors.
  4. my magnum kbc was a POS when it came to visors... the mechanism was dodgy as and i had one side of my visor pop off more times than i care to count.
  5. I've got a shark helmet also & my tinted visor doesn't always clip in properly. If you take the visor off & look inside the mounting holes there should be a slight ridge that helps to lock it in. Constant changing of the visors eventually wears this down & it wont hold on as well as it should.
    Only option is a new visor.

  6. I've got a Shoei XR1100 & don't have any problems with the clear visor.
    The tinted one is another matter.
    The tint is so dark, it's hard to see the lugs on the side to engage it properly.
    I always have to check the visors a few times just to make surethey won't come off.
    Both are genuine Shoei visors, & I've tried lighter tints, but they just aren't dark enough in strong sunlight.
  7. yea mate i have an XR1100 with a tinted visor, its so hard to tell if its locked in properly you cant tell if its really in, what i do is generally use the visor lock to check, as i dont think you can engage it if the visor is not fully locked in.
  8. ive got an arai the side pods that hold the visor in keep breaking peter stevens tried to get it replaced under warranty but the suplier did a fix on it i dont wear it any more i dont trust it wont be bying arai anymore
  9. Shark RSi here and my visor has been perfect. About to order a tinted visor for it and i hope its of similar quality to my clear visor.
  10. Same problem, change it under a down light (halogen), it's the only way I can see it to lock in properly
  11. I've got a Zeuss with a drop down internal tinted visor that's activated by a side lever. No visor problems.
  12. Wow that is dodgy on such an expensive helmet.
  13. I have a tinted visor on my Arai helmet and have met a hot chick , but she has a plain clear visor on an old black shark helmet< am i right in thinking that she isnt good enough for me?
    Arnt most girls wearing black helmets slappers????
    what should i do , should i ask her out or am i just asking to catch some un pronouncable disease???, please help
  14. Does your helmet portray your true personality?
    are plain colored helmets worn by slappers/easy girls? or is that a myth??
  15. Had some fun with my AKG visor every now and then it decides it doesn't want to stay on.

    Had a big one in the middle of no where in between sydney and melbourne, travelling along with my misses on another bike, minding my own business, rain fog you name it. Visor flies of at about 110 with no warning on a stretch of straight forested road (it had been coming loose intermittently on one side and every now and then it wanted to go for a fly for the past 100k's).

    Naturally I slam on the brakes and pull over as quick as I can off the road. As I take off my helmet and gloves and go to run back for it, I notice a massive logging truck coming from the way we were headed, I turn and see my visor on the side of the road that the truck is travelling up.
    I immediately start running back to my visor waving my hands and pointing at the section of road its is lying on. This is my only visor in the middle of no-where with burning rain etc.

    Anyway the truckie looks at me, looks at the visor, in his path, smiles, then proceeds to aim all of his right wheels directly at it, slamming into it at around 100-120.

    It misses the first few wheels, goes under the next one and then gets spat out high into the air by the wheel after that. I proceed to pull the finger at the truckie with all available limbs.

    Long story short the visor was fine except for a small scratch.

    Jeez we had some dramas with assh*le truckies on that trip, tailgating, blocking lanes, everything, seems like half of them had their period.
  16. What the hell...who taught you that crap.

    People wear different helmets for millions of different reasons. Some people like me and my misses bought ours because they were the 2 helmets in the store that fit us perfectly.

    Some people like different colours/designs for trillions of phsycological or practical reasons.
  17. Dude. Spot the troll. What was his name again?