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Dodgy Fuel?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Bravus, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Over the past week or so, my Spada just felt 'blunted'. It would still do everything, and didn't sound odd, but it's usually open-hearted joy in acceleration was lost, and it just seemed to slow down more quickly and require more throttle to get going. I checked the brake discs for temperature, because it felt as though it was dragging a brake, but it wasn't that. I wondered whether it was the air filter, but since it's due for a service next week anyway didn't get around to pulling off the tank to look. But after filling it with fuel, it's a happy camper again. Maybe just a slightly dodgy tank of fuel? Can't think of anything else that's changed.

  2. I have a similar problem with my Spada occasionaly. I find that if I turn the fuel to reserve for a minute or so then turn it back it seems to rectify the problem. Dunno if its just a slight fuel blockage or something.
  3. ooo, I did notice it immediately after running out to the extent I used reserve, then filling up and switching back, so maybe it did have something to do with that. thanks for that.
  4. port80 had a spada... until he lost 50% of the compression in one of the cylinders... heheh he now rides an across... speak to him as i'm sure that he'll have an answer (quite surprised he didn't reply to this already)