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VIC Dodgy eBay seller - Check your VIN

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by crackajack, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. HI All,
    Don't know if this is the correct area for this but I'll mention it anyway.
    I recently payed a deposit of 500 bucks on a bike in NSW from an eBay add I saw.
    I agreed to purchase the bike for $7500 less RWC and REG as it doesn't apply in Vic. I asked if it was dropped, written off, genuine KM's etc. "All is immaculate, Just register it ride" were the comments.
    Pigs Arse! After sending the deposit on the weekend and only doing a stolen check at the cop shop, I discovered on the Monday when trying to make a booking for a RWC siting at Vicroads that he gave an incorrect VIN. I found the correct one from the AUS importer and found it was a write off.
    I asked for my deposit back as he was not honest with me in the beginning. He told me to get stuffed and now the fun starts! I will get my money back :LOL:

    Check your VIN's and don't buy from Ebay unless you can sight the bike.
    One Pissed CJ
  2. so wait you bough a near new bike
    for 7500 grand
    thats unregisted
    and though it wasnt a write of?

    You would think paying 7500 for a bike u could spare $200 and a day of your time to come see it.
  3. No one said it was near new, and if you ask if had been written off or crashed and told no, you should be able to believe what you are told. You should also expect the correct VIN so it would show up before you make a decision. I checked the Vin with the cop shop and it came up with nothing so I assumed it was fine. Silly me. It's not far off the going price either. So $7500 unregistered as opposed to $8500 to $9000 with. If it was $4500 or $5000 well you would expect it. Then you have a choice to repair and re-register it and you know what you have. But when you are told its immaculate, that's a bit unfair. Like I said, my fault for being too trusting. I hope he bought some nice Xmas presents with my cash

    And spare $200 come see it? I guess I'm just too trusting. Its about $500 and a full day's pay to come see it. Do you know the bike do you?
  4. It shouldn't be a huge problem if you paid the deposit via PayPal, contact them & tell them the bike was fradulent!
  5. Re: Screwed by dodgy Ebay seller Check Your VIN's

    What ya going to do to get it back? :eek:
  6. There's one born every minute. When you were born everyone else was safe! :p

    "caveat emptor"
  7. Paypal won't refund anything to do with Auto sales or send money invoices, beware of that. There are other means of getting it back though :twisted:
  8. Soo much legal action you could take for Misrepresentation of the item being sold. But all he said was bike is immaculate and register it to ride, he didnt say it wasn't a write-off, he avoided this, im sure the bike is in immaculate condition as these days some repairable write-offs and repaired better than standard.

    But providing false VIN numbers, i say you can easily get your money back, as someone else said about if you paid your deposit through paypal blah blah.

    It sucks to hear about arseholes like this, i wouldn't buy it if the buyer was a f*%kwit, i'd fix him up, hire goons to break both his legs so they are no longer immaculate and cannot be used to ride again :LOL:
  9. Sorry mate, I didn't see where you were asking for help? :?

    It just amazes me that still in 2008, people will hand over a large amount of cash to a stranger(not a business that is accountable), for a product they have never seen, that has a fair possibility that it's not what it seems. Sorry dude.......as far as I'm concerned, it's that stupid it's funny! :roll:

    Don't flame me for typing what many others are thinking.
  10. Thats ok Triway.
    I guess I didn't explain myself clearly.
    It was a business that I bought it from. He advertises lots of carbon stuff on Ebay and occasionally seems to sell cut and shut bikes. He also has an online business outside of Ebay. I don't want to mention any names just yet.

    I did a stolen check at the cop shop first and all seemed ok. So I only sent a deposit.

    It wasn't until the Monday when I spoke to Vicroads that they informed me that it was a false or incorrect VIN. After finding the correct Vin we found it was a write off. I did not pay the full amount.

    When I tried to ask for my deposit back the shit started. He withheld this info from me and supplied a false VIN. That in itself is deception. Paypal and Ebay won't cover it, I've tried. Just waiting on the Cops and the consumer affairs to get back to me.

    So Yeh, I'm kinda asking for some suggestions and just letting people know to beware. Even if it looks like a legit business.

  11. He is clearly in breach of section 72 of the Trade Practices Act. False and misleading conduct/information.

    Contact VCAT or Small claims. Speak to a free lawyer for 1/2 an hour. You'll get your money back easy, plus any legal fees.

    Cops/ebay won't do shit. Draft a letter of demand with a lawers letterhead, and if that fails, you will see him in small claims. :)
  12. Thanks dude.
    I sent the first letter of demand and he sent back a nasty email and a photo af some ugly teenager with a broken arm, I think it was supposed to look threatening.:LOL: I don't want to deal with him on his neanderthal terms as much as I'd like to. It seems as though these departments all give you the run around. Its hard to get a straight answer.
    I'll call VCAT on Monday
  13. And take a copy of the email to Cops & VCAT.

    Time to name & shame this low life!
  14. They don't give you the run around if your are

    - Polite
    - Direct (as in, you know what your talking about to some extent)
    - Know what you want as the end result and are willing to fight for it

    If VCAT know you mean business and have the ability to see this through to court they will take you seriously and help you. They need to filter out the bogans looking for a quick buck, and the people who are actually in need of legal help.

    Good luck mate.
  15. Ahhhh, the devil's in the details isn't it.

    In that case, as the others have said, you have paths of recourse. Also, although they may not help you in this situation, be sure to notify ebay of this transaction and his threatening reply. You may save someone else. Also, do not be affraid to name them so as none of us buy his carbon or any other stuff.

    Good luck, I hope it goes smoothly for you. :wink:
  16. What a retart sending a photo threatening he'll break your arm??
    I would of sent a picture back with two people doing it and put the speech bubbles saying "Me" and "Your Mum" :LOL:
  17. You would actually use the Victorian Fair Trading Act instead of the TPA. Consumer Affairs would be my recommendation, they do the work for you and you can save lawyers fees.
    And if you were to use the TPA it would be s52 or s53. Section 72 covers supply by sample, where a manufacturer supplies a sample of a product, but the actual goods supplied not what the sample promised.
    As far as the threatening pictures, I'd keep those and show them to Consumer Affairs as well as Ebay.
    By the way, unless there is a court judgement, you will not always get legal fees back.
    I'd also lodge a formal complaint under the Ebay code of conduct.
  18. I think that considering the seller is NSW based that the Victorian government groups would much rather you talked to thier NSW cousins as it was a NSW based sale.
  19. Aplogies. I saw the OP was based in Vic and didn't read the post correctly.
    Contact the NSW Fair Trading people.
  20. Thank you Tramp. Thats why i'm not a laywer :) hehehe