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Dodgy door to door'rs...longish

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Fuzzy, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. So, I was just at home minding my own business, more or less, when this oldish guy in a ute with NSW plates pulls up in my driveway. I go out, then he gets out and proceeds to tell me that he is a roof repairer/painter and just happened to be passing when he noticed my roof was in need of repair. Coincidentally, he just happens to be completing a job ‘down the road’ (even though he has interstate plates), has some paint left over and will repair AND paint my roof for cheap cheap.

    I tell him I’ll discuss it with my hubby and then get back to him and ask him for his card; one of which he couldn’t, or wouldn’t produce suggesting instead that I give him my husband’s phone number and he’ll call and pass on the details of his ‘special offer’ or, alternatively, he could come back tomorrow morning. Figuring a phone call was the better option, I give him the number and decide my husband can deal with it.

    I go on to ask him which company he works for and he says he works for himself. I also ask him who he is doing this other ‘roof repair’ for and he says it’s some place 40 k’s away and he is only down my way as he had to pick up a part from the next town over.

    He points out all the nails sticking out of my roof which need banging in; I can’t see ‘em…must be blind, d’oh. He tries to lure me with a wide range of colours to choose from, which puzzles me as I thought he had said he had paint left over from this other job. Apparently, though, he can swap the cans of paint for any colour I’d like. Handy, hey?

    As much as I am enjoying our little chit chat, I send him on his way and turn to trusty Google to search ‘door to door scammers’ and, lo and behold, this guy’s an (alleged) text book case!

    Apparently, these lovely types (of which he may or may not be one) mostly come in from other areas or interstate (NSW plates, hmmm), set themselves up in caravans, target people in regional areas with driveway asphalting or roof repair and painting BS, say they can do a special deal as they have paint left over from another job, etc. and point out faults that aren’t necessarily there.

    They provide no identification, or use false identification and typically have no signage of any kind on their vehicles and use pressure tactics and intimidation to scam people, particularly the elderly who can often be easily pushed into dodgy deals.

    Mind you, he could be perfectly legit, but he came across dodgy as and he’s not getting his hands on my roof or my money.

    Half a mind to report it to the police, actually. Wish I'd taken down his rego.

    This quote from here...

  2. wow this guy fits exactly into the rogue traders description,

  3. Yep!

    He actually just rang, husband's not home and I didn't answer. The guy left a message. Would a scammer bother going to the trouble of ringing? I dunno.

    Maybe, I need to be more trustworthy. Either way, he's not doing the roof :)

    Oh, and bless you, Caller ID :wink:
  4. Call fair trading and see if you can get them to come around and meet him at the door.
  5. If you can, put his name and phone number on here.
  6. Oooh, a sting operation....I could do, Loz. Knowing my luck he's probably an axe-wielding, chainsaw-waving, stalking maniac in addition to his scamming talents.

    A bit of an over-dramatic, over-thinker? Yes, I am :wink:

    I'm actually thinking I'll give Consumer Affairs a call and let them know. If he's legit, he's got nothing to worry about. I have his mobile number now, my phone saved it when he rang earlier.
  7. But what if he's a genuine Aussie battler just trying to make an honest *cough* living?

    So, the general consensus is he's dodgy, right?
  8. If he's genuine then he's got nothing to worry about.

    This is the kind of thing that channel 9's "investigative reporters" love. So you could try seeing if they're interested.
  9. "I'd be happy for you to perform work on my property as long as you can supply a registered ABN and proof of business insurance, just in case anything went wrong."

    "Oh ok, yeah, I uh... I'll just go get it."

    $10 says you never see them again.
  12. Tell him if he can supply written character references from both his maternal and paternal grand-parents, he can fix your roof...
  13. If someone approaches me trying to sell anything, I turn them away.

    Though you could see if a real roofing place does obligation free quotes.... Then you know if there is really an issue.

    Or get his abn and search here
    Aus business reg
  14. Thanks for your input, everyone...I appreciate it :)

    And, Rog, you make a very good point. Luckily, I'm still in one piece :LOL:

    It's pretty safe to say that he wouldn't be a registered or licensed contractor...he couldn't even produce a business card, so you might have to make your 10 bucks somewhere else, Ktulu :wink: