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Dodged a bullet today...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by MadDog, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Hello all

    I have just began to lane filter and today on the way to work, I was merrily proceeding between the 2 stationary lines of traffic. Oh.. maybe I should clarify I'm still on my Ls so not legally meant to filter.
    Anyway there were 2 trucks ahead and I though better of it and pulled up behind the one on the right lane. The left lane started moving and to my horror a police 4WD with 4 cops in cruised by !! I must have passed it moments before while filtering and never noticed it! :wideyed: pretty inconspicuous, a big white Landcruiser with lights and all. as they went past me, they were all staring at me but kept going PHEW. I just managed to keep sort of behind them as the traffic started moving, just in case they had missed my big L plate before....o_O

    funnily few moments later another bike was cruising on the road shoulder past the traffic...I though that was a big no,no in NSW?

  2. Haha lucky! Even though it is legal now I still get a moment of 'oh $hit' when I filter past a cop. But if it is in traffic it is not like they can chase you down I suppose :p
  3. Heh....Yesterday I was in the left lane coming up to the lights, blinker on to go left (slip lane) and the car in front stopped a whole car length early blocking the slip lane so I gave the horn a few toots and waving my arms about like a nutcase, car finally inches forward and as I take off I look right and there's a highway patrol car just sitting in the right lane next to me watching me :|

    Dunno if that's against the road rules but I felt naughty...
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  4. Not allowed to use shoulders in NSW (of any speed limit). Can't filter between parked cars and traffic either. They run stings on major motorways (particularly southern cross drive eastlakes) grabbing riders
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  5. Got to be aware - I have filtered on the shoulder a few times, only to pass a doughnut eater stuck in the adjacent lane. I generally high tail it out of there, hoping somehow that my plate is not recorded. Through skill, or more likely dumb luck, this has worked so far...
  6. MadDogMadDog, probably going to lunch or something if there were 4 cops in the car. Don't really patrol 4 up.
    I don't know how likely it is that normal cop cars will enforce traffic laws anyway. The only have the basics taught to them unless they're in HWP. Wife's a cop and only knows filtering is "legal" because I told her.
    I assume they'd stop people if they weren't busy and it was a really obvious violation though.
  7. Funny you should say that. Looked like that's what was going on on the city west link at Leichhardt city bound this morning. About 3 police motorcycles camped out around the left hand bend at the start of the 3rd lane on the left. Looked like they had about 4-5 customers lined up.
  8. Close one, MadDog - NAUGHTY

    Even when I do the right thing I'm always paranoid when cops go past, in a decidedly I-didnt-steal-anything-but-the-shop-alarm-went-off way.
    Now I'm on a supersport hoon bike it feels even worse.

    "I swear I'm just sitting here! Dont book me!"
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