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Dodged a bullet-the puncture that wasn't

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by bikeboy, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. After spending too much money replacing near-new tyres with unrepairable punctures, it seems my luck has changed.


    I thought I'd bite the bullet and see what the damage was. Nothing to loose. Turns out the nail had gone in head-first and sideways. The head was just below the surface, and had not penetrated deeper than the depth of the tread.


    I think I just ran over it, and the tyre has picked it up by the head, and pushed it further in.

    I hesitated for 30 seconds then pulled it out with a pair of pliers. No leaks, so I'm good to go.

  2. A small win is better than no win. Check your pressures in the morning to be sure, but fingers crossed hey?
  3. every dog has his day in the sun, lol
  4. I had a similar experience, Fitted new set of Angel ST's not even 500km on them and during a general inspection i find a nail in the rear "fcuk!"

    Pull the nail out its about 30mm deep in the tyre but going side ways across the tread, put a bit of spit on it... ... ... no bubbles all good.