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Doctor Who

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Anyone get in on it? Steve Moffat opened with a killer, absolutely loved it.
    Can't wait for next weeks.

  2. Just finished watching the 2nd episode...

    Interesting storyline, but it all seemed a bit rushed to me. Perhaps should have been done over 3 episodes (or 2 x 1 hour long episodes maybe).

    But yeah, very good on the whole.
  3. I've never really been into it, my gf loved the David Tennant ones (I liked it too, except the daleks were piss poor. I get that they've been in the show for like a gagillion years, but put in one line of dialogue like "OMG THEY'VE BEEN UPGRADED" and have them not look like shit and sound stupid! rant over), and is vehemently opposed to the new punk who i admit looks a bit of a tosser. The girl looks quite fetching though.
  4. Yes I watched the 1st two episodes, episode 1 was great! But I agree episode 2 felt a bit rushed (or maybe contrived). It did deserve more time.
  5. when was episode 2 on?8-[:-s:confused: :? :eek:hno::tantrum::tantrum:
  6. Was last night episode 2?? So i missed episode 1 last week??
  7. Episode 2 was on Sat night in UK, will be on my house tonite.
  8. The ABC is a week behind the UK. You can download them from the interwebz before they screen here.
  9. I thought so. (hoped). I can wait (I think.. )
  10. if you guys are going to post ahead of the regular broadcast,
    you should make mention of **** SPOLIERS ****.

    but then again,
    everyone will just think you are quoting Dr. Song.
  11. none of the plot content has been mentioned, other than saying it's good.
  12. Only seen the 1st episode so far and it got me hooked!!
  13. I loved the David Tennant Doctor Whos. My housemates got me into them. Only seen one episode with the new guy, not really that keen on him to be honest - but to be fair, that's probably cause I haven't given him a chance.

    There was just something special about Tennant's wide-eyed wonder at everything.
  14. This guys much better than Tennant. He never could do scarey.
  15. Amy Pond
  16. What about Amy Pond?

    I have a friend who has a theory she is a time lord.
  17. I wanna know what happened to the doctor's daughter (Who is actually Peter Davidson's daughter and is engaged to David Tennant - what an incestuous world the time lords live in :))
  18. Well, If I'm looking at the same show, then Amy Ponds daughter? has just regenerated which means she's a timelord.
    BUT, it seems that the script hasnt actually had Amy and Doc doing BonkyBonk.. Even tho Amy is/isnt pregnant. So the girl cant be Amy's daughter.

    Gettin back to my

    "Amy Pond" post

    She's easy on the eyes..8-[:D
  19. Have always loved the new dr who series'.

    This season raised the bar for mind-asplode. Well, for me anyway...
  20. It's been said that whoever came up with The Silence has a great handle on what makes kids wet their pants.

    "Hey children, there's something really scary right behind you but you've forgotten it's there!" :twisted:.