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doctor netrider, did I nearly crash?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by klavier, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. so, its raining here, and I usually take this corner at 110, and because it was raining, i slowed down and took it at 100 :oops: but twice as i was going around, both ends felt light and seemed to slip slideways a bit. Only a little bit, but I definitely felt the bike moving... After I got out of the corner I took every corner after much slower than normal..

    my tires are about 70% worn now, and I wasn't leaning over very far - was slightly sitting on the inside instead..

    so, does it sound like I nearly went under the armco of the overpass and onto the freeway below??? :cry: :roll:
  2. Sorry, I'm just a lowly intern. You'll have to seek a second opinion...

  3. I get that alot and not always in the wet and no your not about to crash...well just depends on how serious it is but if its minor and you catch onto it earlier enough you should be right.
  4. haha... I got my intern papers a few months ago.. but the residents are hiding here... :LOL:

    first time I can remember doing this.. I've gotten a few rear lock ups in the rain, but i pretty much never lose and feeling of traction in the dry, and basically never rains here so ive had very little practice in it
  5. I would suggest drop your speed a little lower and see what you get.

    Sounds good to say that you are getting a little slip and recovering, but there are a few more variables in the wet, i.e. if you add a small patch of oil to the middle of your slip you might get a more dramatic outcome.

    Don't rush the learning process, there are plenty of threads here that offer information on riding in the rain.
  6. 70% worn is when I consider a tyre ready for replacement. The shallow tread on a tyre worn this much can't cope with too much standing water on a road.
    Yes I know 1.5mm is minimum legal, but that's a ridiculously low amount of tread on a road.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. I have a service interval coming up shortly, i'll see how they are then...
  8. Did this on Tuesday on the way to work, actually pulled up at an intersection facing the driver behind me....how i didn't drop it i'll never now..(definate brown trowsers moment) .and i was only going about 30 when i started to brake...... must have been oil or deisel invlolved i think.

    Learned from it though..... in the wet, brake early and gently.
  9. complete 180 degree spin eh? I can imagine that was unpleasent...

    when its wet i use the back brake a lot more but nothing like that!
  10. Everything takes longer in the rain and should therefore be started earlier. :) Especially braking.
  11. This is utter crap. More stupid advice from someone that doesn't care.

    The bike needs traction for stability...if you don't have it, then yes, you are very close to dropping it. Slow down and keep it more upright.
  12. It has also been quite a while since we've seen rain up here so the roads would also be greasy. as grey gentry said slow it down and keep it upright more. corners I no I can do in 3rd in dry I always drop to 2nd in wet for this reason to ensure i drop my speed.
  13. F*cken hell. Where do I begin here.. :roll:


    *Hopefully your luck holds out for awhile yet*

  14. AHAHAHAHAHAHA...just no..if you feel the bike starting to losing its almighty traction you can save it, I've saved the front wheel a few times after its lost its grip and started sliding but i ain't tell you how to do it.
  15. yes, you did.

    have some keflex, keep your fluids up and a week of bedrest ;)
  16. :rofl:

    yeah, 'cause he wouldnt know nuffin hey :roll: ](*,) ](*,)
  17. Yeah...what you said without the sarcastism.
  18. :WStupid: [-X ....Ahhhh gotta love it
  19. Yeah it was rather terrifing.!! :shock:

    all i could do was just keep adjusting the front wheel to keep upright. once it started i just let the brakes go and and tried again.

    Very lucky i didn't need a dose of nappy-san :LOL:
  20. I used to have a dirt bike and rode as much as i could in the paddocks and crown land where I lived... Im generally very comfortable on my road bike, but I can't make my old skills apply because I wasn't scared of dropping that bike, I fell often enough to be used to it, and didn't usually go fast enough to ruin things... sliding along on your arse at 60ks is pretty easy when its grass - especially wet grasee... Now however, I do not want to even drop my bike at low speed, all the road holding skills are different and almost every use of body weight is different... fun fun,, :roll: