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Doc Marten boots - anyone ride with them?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by newbreed, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Thinking about getting a pair of 8 or 10 hole Doc Marten boots for riding. Was wondering if anyone uses them for riding? Main concern is how they will hold up in the wet. Had a couple of pairs before, never for riding.

  2. Fine for riding (except gear lever wear), not so great for accidents.
    Very thin boots, more fashionable than hardwearing.
  3. dainese came out with a technical boot like the docs for those that want to keep the style, certainly would be better then the martens and i like the clean cut of these more as well

    site i found them on:http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-cafe-boots
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  4. I think your main concern would be how well are they going to protect your feet in a crash, which I'm guessing not very well. The boots posted by TheCatsMeow would be much better in a crash.
  5. Well, I thought I might actually answer the question posed. (There is a separate thread about the safety aspects of gear - last I saw it had about 300+ posts and lots of good debate - see General section).

    Yes, I wore Docs as my only riding boots for the first 18months of my riding. Now I have some more specific riding boots with a bit more protection.

    The Docs are a good option and I still wear them sometimes. Their main advantage is the level of comfort and style for off the bike.

    They are not waterproof but do a pretty good job in most situations where you cop a bit of unexpected rain. I'm not from Melbourne so I can't vouch for the type of weather they get down there.
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  6. I would never, ever go for a decent ride without proper bike boots.
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  7. Thanks for the tips...it's exactly the information I was after. I also like the look of the Dianese boot...thanks for the link. I understand they're not going to stand up to specifically made motorcycle boots, but I'm happy with that. I just wanted to know if people had ridden in them and they were water resistant. If necessary I'll have rain gear over the top.
  8. You're happy with having zero ankle protection?

    Anyway, here's a tip - If it rains you can put plastic shopping bags over your socks before you stick your boots on. :)
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  9. Thanks for the simple, inexpensive tip. Classic.

    I realise they don't have ankle protection, but they're better than a pair of elastic sided Blundstones I'm using atm. Will look at the Dianese for sure, as well as Rossi.
  10. Quite regularly wear them, 8 ups, English made =D They pass OK for work shoes, and are better than suit shoes that would just come straight off in a crash.. They wont protect you from smashing your ankles, but at least there's some abrassion resistance.. Make sure you do your laces firmly, you dont want that tangling in anything.. If riding in anger wear propper boots of course. They hold up pretty good in the rain, it needs to be fairly heavy before your feet get wet, You will feel the cold a little more, wear thick Explorer socks or similar to help with that. Wouldnt mind trying some of those half hieght motorbike boots going around ATM for comparisson..
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  11. I wear Docs. They do the job quite nicely.
    I am not convinced the motorcycle specific boots are great quality. Just recently I had a friend who came off at 30km/h and his Alpine Stars fell appart. The sole from one of his boots was completely ripped off.
    After I checked to see if he was ok, I was laughing my head off at how crap his boots were.
  12. So one incident and you think all bike boots are crap???

    Not being judgmental about you wearing Docs to ride in but seems like a small sample on which to make a decision on the validity of what some would argue is the second most important bit of gear you could wear..
  13. Yes fair point. I am not saying all motorcycle boots are crap.
    I just reckon in regards to protection, there is too much hype about motorcycle specific boots.
    Do they breed special cows for motorcycle boots?
    The best leather is actually kangaroo leather.
  14. I would wear the UK made ones, but not the Chinese or NZ made Docs. I've still got an old pair of UK ones from the 80s :oops: that will not wear out.

    I often wear a pair of US-made Caterpillar eight-holers. Seriously heavy. Of course they haven't got armour, and I wouldn't trust them at highway speeds (city commute only) but I reckon they're a lot stronger than some of the cheaper motorcycle boots on the market, which are as flimsy as hell (and that, by the way, is a disgrace).

    Yet to find any boot that is truly waterproof.
  15. I ride in 10 hole docs every time I ride. I expect them to offer significantly less protection that race style/mx boots but significantly more protection than nothing/sneakers/work boots. To be honest they look like they would offer similar protection to a pair of rossi touring boots that I have. If you do decide to buy them, get them online. I got mine for $170 vs $300+ at the shops here.
  16. I couldn't agree with you less :)
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  17. Could you specifically explain how you disagree?
    I want to understand your point of view.
    Other than comfort and better feel, how are they significantly better.
    Do you have Docs?
    Could you recommend a specific brand and model for me to check out.

    Edit: I hope we are talking about boots for the road (not motorcross boots)
  18. but he was OK so the boots did their job?
  19. Certainly. Doc Martens (I owned a few pairs in my teens) are pretty good boots but offer very little in the way of crash protection. They are simply not designed for protecting feet in the event of a motorcycle accident. And every time I've crashed, there's been some sort of hit on the foot.

    It's a no brainer really.

    Decent motorcycle boots have a rigid structure, protection for the highly exposed ankle bones and a resistance to twisting of the foot and ankle. If you've ever had a decent slide down the road and/or tumbled, you'll appreciate that the bones need armoured protection. If you're unlucky and your foot gets trapped under the bike, then a decent pair of boots will probably make the difference between keeping your foot attached to your leg and losing it.

    I wear these :

  20. I have had 2 high speed falls and in my experience the hands, elbows/forearms, shoulders, back, and hip need the most protection. My boots were barely scratched.

    Happy to check out those boots though. I don't think I would wear them just to go to work or the shops, but for the track or for some serious fun they look good.