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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by revhead998, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. well, makes sense - but then again, it goes for anyone, not just bikies.

  2. Fascist Enforcers -- "If you see an OMCG member wearing gang colours who is involved in an act of crime or violence"

    "Joe - Public " - I often see gang members doing these types of things -- they belong to some gang called alpinestars or something like that
  3. Take regos of police officers, motorcycle unfriendly politicians, idiotic radio presenters etc and ring in to say that they were meeting with bikies.
  4. HAHA love it,,,,yes do it!
  5. Ok so just in case you are not sure what to do if you see a drive by shooting you should call the police.

    I was not sure what I should do if I saw a drive by shooting....never would have thought to call the cops.....glad they cleared that up for me
  6. Fags 'dob'.
  7. when you ring in NSW, ask if you can be put through to the section that can help you with the woods royal commission, chook fowler or the "dodger", i.e. all those exemplary NSW police members. then hand in some details on OMG's.
  8. lazy dogs.
  9. "The NSW Police Force reassures the public that this initiative is not aimed at targeting motorcycle enthusiasts, it is aimed at the illegal activities of Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang members and their associates."

    What interests me is that they are not interested in targeting the illegal activities of everyone else. Just bikies. Is that grounds for the discrimination act?
  10. all nsw bikies are into drugs or p0rn arent they ??

    in hornets case Im sure its both !!!!