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VIC dob in a speed camera

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smee, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Call me a skeptic but public relations exercise anyone?


    Call me a skeptic but public relations exercise anyone?

  2. Similar thing happened in NSW, albeit no public input was involved (however speed limits sought public input)

    The outcome was the decommissioning of 30 odd speed cameras; however overall, there was an increase in safety, school and mobile camera deployments. Most speed limits were also reduced after the speed limit reviews were completed.

    We were arguable worse off as a result of such reviews.
  3. I wonder if our 'assistance' of helping them out (by 'decommissioning' them with a sniper, one by one, from 'unknown locations') would be noticed ? :D
    Agree smee - There's definitely a Public Relations exercise 'stench' coming out of that one !
  4. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

    It might be scam (the guy sounded reasonably genuine when interviewed), or he may have no real power, but if no-one complains, then we are sanctioning even more.
  5. Imagine how Saudi Arabia must be feeling after signing up for the redflex cameras. An increasing Victorian road toll at a time when there are record numbers of cameras and now the appointment of a speed camera watchdog. Ka Ching!

    Definitely a public relations exercise. Part of it being an attempt to keep our overseas customers from exiting contracts.
  6. Well maybe I'll be lucky and they'll shut off some on the Hume Hwy straights.

    The speed cameras were one thing, but the point to point speed average estimator was bloody ridiculous!
  7. The NSW version was a massive exercise in justifying the cameras. The cameras were just put elsewhere, the number wasn't reduced, it went up. Also, the camera boxes and signs are still in place.
  8. Actually - point to point is a much more driver friendly way of speed enforcement.

    The biggest issue with instantaneous cameras is they catch momentary infractions in what might be justifiable circumstances.
    Like overtakes where it often makes sense to go over for a short period.

    To get done by a point to point camera, you're speeding consistently for an extended period.

    The fact that the speed limit on the HUME is too low which encourages exceeding it for an extended period a bigger issue than the average speed cameras.

    Note: I'm not a fan of the point to point cameras either, but I hate them far less than I do instantaneous cameras
  9. Um, correct me if i'm wrong here, but doesn't your speed often get rounded down?

    Ie, you get caught doing 111, but you get booked as 108. Same fine, but rounded down and 108 is the lowest you get pinged for in a 100 zone.
  10. Yes. & no.

    Here in vic, they remove 3% or 3km/h, so you could, theoretically, be done for 101 (104) in a 100 zone.
  11. Regarding the news article, the East link cameras must absolutely be cash cows?! The freeway is the most recent greenfields built freeway in Victoria to all the latest standards and must be the safest as a result! And this is EXACTLY what connect East says about their first year of operation:


    Fast Facts

    Total trips made on EastLink – more than 50 million; average distance per trip – 13km
    Total distance travelled on EastLink – more than 640 million km
    Steady growth in EastLink traffic since tolling started (135,000 Average Daily Trips to around 157,000 Average Daily Trips) – 16%
    Number of incidents attended (eg: breakdowns, out of fuel, debris or animals on road, abandoned vehicles etc) – around 5,250
    Low number of accidents – 134 (8 resulting in minor injury, no fatalities)
    Good road design – very low casualty accident rate

    Q: How safe is EastLink?
    A: EastLink is one of Australia's safest roads with 1.1 casualty accidents per 100 million vehicle kilometres travelled for the first six months of this calendar year. Alternative routes such as Springvale and Stud Roads have casualty accident rates of 30+ per 100 million vehicle km travelled (2009-10 VicRoads data).
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  12. Sweet so everyone will just be dobbing in their local/ most frequently travelled camera locations.

    This is definately going to work.
  13. I think in QLD they book you for the speed they allege you were doing.
    But either way.. what point are you trying to make?
  14. Rob
    This morning on AW, speed cameras were on the agenda again..
    Ken Lay admited that they put camera's on good roads such as the Frankston Fwy (or eastlink, etc) not because of any high incident rate but only because they're aware that road users are likely to exceed speed limits in perfect road conditions..

    In that case I'd say it's either revenue raising or THE SPEED LIMIT IS WRONG if so many feel safe exceeding it.
    Or the cops feel that it's a good idea to hit you with a big stick where it's totally safe to make sure you comply with inapproriate limits elsewhere..

    Why eastlink, geelong bypass, a few more k's of princess freeway closer to Melb than Pakenham and some others isn't 110 defys logic..
  15. There was. Public contribution was actually asked for by the office.
  16. Is there a contact for this Camera Commissioner yet?
  17. Here's a paper from the Institute of Transportation Engineers in the US talking about the 85th percentile principle.


    Which basically says that speed limits should be set according to what most reasonable people would travel below on a road.

    Or to put it another way... if a bunch of people are speeding, you don't have a problem with public behaviour, you don't need social engineering, you have a problem with your speed limits and should be fixing them.

    It also lists as a common misconception: "Reducing speed limits will decrease the number of crashes and
    increase safety;"

    "Studies have shown crash rates are lowest at around the 85th percentile speed"
    Which means that lowering your speed limit below what a reasonable person will drive and having most people ignore it while cardigan wearers slow down has just made your road less safe, not more.

    Are you listening road safety idiots?
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