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Dob in a Hoon Campaign

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Dougz, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Finally a sensible article!


  2. So we are finally going down the path of the KGB and Stazi police :roll:

    Some idiot with no clue will see a bike split traffic and report it as the next terror threat to end our civilisation.

    One of the ten new police motorcycles bought with our tax levy will decend on said address and fine them for being born, using a tail tidy and answering back whilst being tased.
  3. Ooh ooh I know some hoons!

    Not dobbin' 'em in though. Provided they each buy me a beer.

    ...You know who you are. :twisted:
  4. Good to see we're on the same page for a change PP :)

    I'm impressed though that someone has finally been able to get an article in print in a major (albeit sh*t) newspaper calling for better education and better systems in place rather than knee-jerk reactionary enforcement.
  5. Im a 19 year old male, been through the hotted up cars, sound systems etc phase. Now my mates are going through it.

    I wish they would learn from my mistakes, and settle for what they need, not what they/their mates want. It's really not that cool to have the loudest sound system/quickest car.

    That article sums up my thoughts on the issue perfectly.
  6. Is there a word for 'Government by Mothers' Club'? This is what you end up with.

    Always had time for big Les.
  7. Ummm lets think about this dobbing in thing for a second..

    Joe blogs does something reckless
    Some random dobbs this person in for their behaviour
    Copper comes to your house says that you have been dobbed in
    Some random says sorry officer, was not me - they must have been mistaken - but feel free to provide some evidence if you expect me not to laugh in your face
  8. yes, you're all of them :p
  9. Storm in a teacup. Wait 5 years. There'll be no hoons left. They won't be able to afford the petrol.

    As little as 10 years ago, 300hp cars from the show-room floor were a rarity. Nowadays they're everywhere, and cheap-as.

    As petrol prices continue to climb, sales of rev-head cars will fall.
  10. Most likely will be like the "dob in a litterbug" thing. If the person being accused of whatever hoon thing can have a court case to prove that they didn't do it.
  11. And then there's the next step;

    Copper pulls you over for something minor that in normal circumstances he might let you off for or write a 45 over down to a 24 over or something like that. Up comes a little red note on your license when he checks it. Full fine is applied.
  12. How bout dob in a f*cken retard driver??? I dont see hoons everyday doing burnouts but i see plenty of people doing ridiculously stupid things. Can I dob in the guy reading the other day who was oblivious to almost taking me out? Not likely....
  13. Reports from non trained public can't be accepted to have any credit, whats to stop me ringing up and complaining that I saw Kevin Rudd hooning around in a hotted up m3? :wink:

    Fairly quick court case. "please present any evidence" "err we have that guy's opinion" "case dismissed"
  14. I think I owe you a slab bloke :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Not quite bro.

    When you 'dob in like a wanker' you're asked if you are prepared to go to court and sign an affadavit. If yes, then you're starting to push it defence wise.
  16. To begin with, yes! :LOL:
  17. Long as it's not that Barefoot Raddler girly wierd catpiss again Loz then I'll help you drink it :LOL: :wink:
  18. Dibber dobbers wear nappies and poo themselves. :cool:

    I like Barefoot Raddler. It makes a nice change every now and then, plus it means I'm consuming fruit which is apparently good for me. :)
  19. How is this even news. Regional cities like Ballarat and Bendigo have had hoon dob in lines now for a number of years without any problems.
    It's got nothing to do with people "dobbing in" individuals who are then immediately arrested by the Police. What is about is people who are pissed off at those using the street in front of their house as a dragstrip/skidpan. Hasn't done much to eliminate hooning entirely - but has at least moved most to more "sensible" locations- and those that haven't frankly deserve whatever they get if caught.
  20. I must say I agree with the article.

    To be honest, I am sick of hearing about hoons. They are a much smaller percentage than they are made out to be, i mean how often do you see a hoon, compared to someone driving with a complete lack of skill, or even empathy? I hear loads of stories on here about retard drivers but not many on hoons.. (I mean, besides us on bikes :) ). Maybe these people should be targeted?? Beyond that, modified cars have been lumped in as part of the 'hoons' category, but that is for another time I think.

    I get the feeling this kind of thing is brought up everytime there is a lack of real news. I'm not saying it isn't an issue, but is is tremendously over-exposed and there is some negative sides to that (i.e these dob in lines). Like jd said, the lines exist, which kinda agrees with the theory of trying to make up news.

    Thats My 2c, this stuff just gets me going...