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do your partners....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by countrycruiser V6, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Just wondering if anyone out there has a partner (wife etc) who dosent ride and cant really grasp the concept of rider comradeiry (I know thats not spelt right) :shock: . My wife dosent seem to grasp the notion of it at all.
    for exsample there is a big unvieling of a statue of jack findlay in mooroopna this saturday and i am going, when I let her know that this would be a huge event for us riders she couldnt see the big deal.
    Oh well I guess it comes down to us being interested in different things.

  2. My girl is actually quite keen to get on a bike herself. She got her licence, but we can't presently afford gear and a bike for her! Might have to sell my dog...

    *cough* yeah right!
  3. From my constant praise of the people I've met on here I think my girlfriend thinks we would take a bullet for another rider.

    Ah well if it acts as encouragement for her, because, like Van's girlfriend, mine is considering getting her license to either bike or scooter (I'm pushing the bike aspect). I would quite happily allow her to ride my bike, infact that is one of the reasons I believe I will keep the VTR250 once I upgrade.
  4. Exactly the opposite. actually, Andrew
    I got my bike in August '74 and by February '75 we'd bought a new model of the same bike for Mrs Hornet to ride. This continued until around two months into her pregnancy with out darling daughter (now 26!) at which stage, stupidly, as it turned out, we sold the bike and her gear, thinking she'd not ride again. We also let her license lapse :cry:
  5. My wife doesn't and probably never will grasp the concept of why I do what I do, but then again she thinks shopping and gardening are fun, too me their drudgery.

    But it has its good points..... nobody sitting on the back telling me I am going too fast, or that I could have gone this way or that way .....
  6. Make sure you get her a bike before you get her gear!! If my girlfriend is anything to go by you might come home every now and then to your bike and your girlfriend not being there. :evil:

    To answer the original question, I guess I am lucky. My girlfirned thinks she "gets it" and is envious instead of opposed to it.

    Sean D
  7. My last GF hated bikes and only tolerated mine to a point. She even got jelous when I spent a day or two cleaning it. :shock:

    Anyway, we evenualy found ourselfs having a long boring talk about our relationship (Futurama reference), and she told me that when we got married I'd be selling the bike. So I became single again that night. :)
  8. I grew up with it so i guess i always took it for granted. I, as yet, havn't found a guy who understands it. Guess I should be looking elsewhere.
    Have been asked 'You have a 250 what?' :roll:
  9. Haha, plenty of guys right here!
  10. Mrs Iffracem doesn't like riding on bikes, only way she would is on a "Lux-O-Barge" honda goldwing, or a trike. I 'm not THAT old yet tho :LOL:

    But she totally understands why I ride, totally understands the mateship, and is 100% supportive of my "addiction" (and was the instigator of my return to two wheels after 25 years away)

    Being the daughter of a career soldier, and married to me for most of my army life helps that understanding a lot.


    (I love my wife, she's my :angel: )
  11. Were your eyes gouged out in a freak accident or have you always been blind? This is Netrider, you're surrounded by dateless guys who understand it. :)

    For many of us, a girl with the same understanding is a pre-requisite. :wink: :cool:
  12. My last girlfriend never really got it. She tried it on the back once and was shit scared if it.
    Spent the whole lap around the block with her head buried in my back and got motion sickness. Told her to stick her head and to look around to help but she just couldn't do it.

    My new girlfriend on the other hand spent the day on the back on the second "date" and has been out with me a few times since.
    Weather hasn't been great to do much more since but she keeps asking when we're doin it again.
    Does she understand the feeling of gaggin for a ride when the world has turned to shit?....dunno, but taking a chance on the back to be with me is a big step in the right direction.

    For me there's a hell of a lot of trust that goes into it so I have to be greatful for both of them trying and happy as a ten peckered owl that I found a GF who actually likes it......wooot
  13. Ohhhhhhhh how sweet :applause:
  14. MY wife cant understand why I want to ride and she has swore black and blue that she will never get on a bike with me or anyone. But I am working on it.

    Lots of heated discussions as I was gettin licence and bike tho
  15. My missus doesn't really understand it, she thinks I go for rides just to get away from her :grin: But she is slowly coming around to understanding it is really the mateship, and not really to do with the freedom. :twisted:
  16. Hey, thats not funny. You know, you should know better then to pick on the sight impared. :LOL:
    I'm getting surgery soon, maybe that will fix the problem, doc says there's a good chance. :eek:hno:
  17. My ex wanted me to sell my bike so we could spend the cash on a holiday,yeah, :jerk: right,like that was gonna happen,darlin-I had a bike before I met you,while we where together,and long after youre gone.One before her was no probs what so ever,loved getting on the back and understood the passion.
    Then I discovered me a new girlfriend,one with an untwistable stomach :) who rides :dance: way cool.Have gone from-Im going for a ride :furious: to-cool,where WE riding to :WStupid: .Always wanted me a biker babe,with brains to boot \:D/ But I aint married.Looks like its no sex for you buddy :?
  18. hey I didnt say the missus was against me riding, just wants me to be careful. I ride most days to work rain, or shine. it's the going out for group rides and such that go with it she dont get. she however accepts it. only go on group rides once a month or so as I pointed out to her that travelling same road every day doesnt give me the necisary experience of riding. so I go out with the local riders to the various different locations to get the experience i require.
  19. My girl doesnt understand why i ride, she hates me going riding and whinges all the time,
    She has now made me sell my bike and do something normal.

    I havent found something normal to do yet, I might buy a CAR.....then the shyte will really hit the fan cos she doesnt like cars either.

    Im just kidding, she rides a bigger bike than me, she rides faster and better than me, and I love it. "whip crack away"

    Im always on the back ......its great. We go into cafes alot cos she rides a Ducati and the guys ask if she like being on the back of such a big bike.........its funny.
  20. Hmm, yeah, my fiance and bikes....let's just say it's complicated!
    She doesn't really like them, but is O.K with me having one, and the bike will still be around when we are married. She tends to be a little jealous, so it's more that I was out without her! :roll:
    She has said though that she could handle riding a trike, so that's a start I suppose. She used to ride a chook chaser when she was growing up.
    Acceptance rather than embracing it.

    Regards, Andrew.