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Do your Friends & Relatives make fun of you for spending

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kraven, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. So much time on Netrider and for meeting people off the internet????

    Everytime i tell them i'm going for a ride or do some Netrider or other forums event they give me shit about hanging out with my "internet buddies",
    When i went on a road trip with someone i met off the net and stayed with netriders they thought i was weird and insane for meeting/staying with people who i had never even spoken to :?

    Nowdays I just tell them to get stuffed but does anyone else have the same problems???, I just think they don't understand because they aren't involved with an internet community like this.
  2. :LOL: :LOL: Kraven..

    Get em into the scene as well so they'll know where ya cumin from :grin:
  3. Re: Do your Friends & Relatives make fun of you for spen

    well i did try to kill you in your sleep but it didnt work out :(
    yeah people make fun of me for it and sometimes I question my sanity myself.
    but the way i see it is if something bad happens to me while im out with someone from netrider, and they are the cause of it, theres plenty of ways to track them down and

    so anyway, I trust in this comunity to take care of each other & in my experience so far they do.

    Plus, we're all geeks here anyway and geeks are too busy playing RPGs to **** and pillage in R/L.
  4. Nope they wouldnt dare

    i am old enought to make up my own mind and they respect that ..
  5. Re: Do your Friends & Relatives make fun of you for spen

    So thats why i was sick after eating that KFC :|

    Kishy, Only one of them rides so they can't really bring them along on netrider stuff.
    They're all loosers anyway :LOL:

    ...Coffee time :grin:
  6. Im a host in another community...mainly chat based, at first my mum was concerned but she has quit with the harping nowdays.....
    probably because she now is a chatter herself although she chats in overseas chatrooms..she still is a chatter.

    I have met heaps of people from the internet...some good...some not so good.
    Nobody dangerous, just piss heads and drongo's looking to pick up...which is the exact reason I dont attend "chat meets" but since joining NETRIDER Ive been to coffee night..met some great people and hope to meet a lot more...I guess its cos we all got BIKES in common...not trying to pick up or compensate for real life friends...I think that is the key....keep it real!
  7. thier loss if they can't get over thier preconceptions.
  8. Re: Do your Friends & Relatives make fun of you for spen

    :grin: :grin: Time for you to start havin pillions bro :LOL:
  9. I used to get a bit of crap about dating someone I met on the internet, until I married him :wink:

    Now they just shake their heads :rofl:
  10. there's always a happy ending to most things in life :grin:
    congrats titania :grin:
  11. I just tell them i met him through a bike club :LOL:
  12. i thought the title said speeding not spending :oops: !

    but i make fun of myself as much as they do. my internet budies are awesome :LOL: :LOL: but yeah sometimes they get a bit weird.
  13. My work people usually make fun of me about 'internet forums' and "lets not ride, lets just get on a forum" :roll:
    And "Coffee?!?", you dont even drink coffee....

    I just ignore them, cos i know i'm cooler, i own a bike ;) :LOL: :p
  14. You're giving out too much info when you don't need to Kraven. All you need to say is...I'm going for a spin.

    On Sat morning I was asked where I was going and I just said for a spin.

    Came back today sunburt and drained for energy 'cause I went to WSBK @ PI and when they ask where I went I just say I just went for a spin damnit.
  15. My friends find it intrigueing what I get up to via the forum - certainly never criticise or condemn
  16. The internet is just a different form of communication, alot of people dont use forums as online communities, and they probably see it as a little geeky.

    In saying that though, the world is becoming more online everyday, and in 5 years the people who scoff at online communities now will realise what benefits we had all along.

    I've met some of my closest friends due to the internet and car/bike forums and communities. I dont see anything wrong with it at all.
  17. Half ya luck Kid, other's just dont realise, you can find what your looking for, in the most unusual places, even on a computer.
  18. I have a large circle of friends, and they respect my decisions.

    I have added dozens of people to that circle of friends in the last year; I wouldn't have missed this for the world....
  19. Hey,, I should add to this, I have friends visiting from England in June. I met them on the Net, been intouch for 2 years now.
    While here, they are going to stay at my old mums home. Am I looking forward to seeing them & showing them our Australia, bloody oath, very much so.
    Maybe I should also tell you, the lady part of it, passengers sidecars & has done the the Ilse of Man TT, match that one.
  20. Thats one of the great things i have found as well,*Most* people on the netrider aren't too weird or creepy and my biking experiences wouldn't have been the same had i not met some of you's

    But that's what my non-net friends can't understand their perseption of internet people are that they only meet for 2 reasons sex/orgies/gangbangs or to buy something and exchange the goods.
    I've given up trying to convince them otherwise i just wanted to see if others were in the same boat :LOL: