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Do your bikes have names?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Black Magic, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Does everyone have a name for their bike or is it just me?
    My ER6F is called 'Black Magic.' My ZZR250 was called 'Black Beauty.'

  2. Having a very dry sense of humour at times, I really love an oxymoron, hence why I call my bike (virago 250) "the beast" :LOL:
  3. I don't name my bikes. It just makes it harder on you when you break them. :wink: :)
  4. No name, no reason
  5. haha i do it too
    I usaly do it based on how the exhust and the name sounds together

    Honda MVX was called bob
    Daliem VR called Daisy
    NSR called Nessy
    GSXR gerbert
  6. Call mine the lawnmower sometimes ;)
  7. I too call mine 'The Beast" or 'Buzzbomb' (Its a Lambretta GP200).

    It gets called 'You Bastard' and other more choice names when it doesn't go.
  8. No point, they don't come when you call them...
  9. lol. but when they get that look in their headlights and the revs in ur brain they call u and u go to them
  10. So i guess the real question is, "What does your bike call you??"

    Now we're getting Zen... love fridays.
  11. My little hottie is called "FRED"

    I dont know why, but i love his name and it suits him... :p
  12. Mines called Ed, cause that is what it says on the back before the numbers :roll:
  13. ......she

    coz she goes fast, is easy to ride
    looks fantastic and costs a lot to own

    and apologies to all the female members :p
  14. Very funny! I would have to say very true as well....
  15. very true of those of us who have ZX12R's

    me thinks you might wanna stay with the ER6 :grin:
  16. Do a search, this was covered not so long ago, there were some good ones too, from memory!

    Mine is known as the Grumpy Trumpy.
  17. Little Bike.

    I talk to my bike everytime I see it. It is neither he nor she. However, lately I've been refering to it as a she, I don't know why, it's kind of creepy.

    My car is Little Car, but that was becasue it doesn't go fast enough, so I started saying "go Little Car, go".

    I think the name got passed on, but I don't need to say go Little Bike, go.
  18. Cute Chani!
    My bikes have all had the 'black' theme going...hence 'Black Beauty' and 'Black Magic'.
    I just had to name my bike- it is my best friend and partner!
  19. I didn't give my old fazer a name but could never work out if she was a man or woman. Since I've sold her I think she is a woman...making another guy happy now....
  20. Madman,I think all bikes are girls (unfortunately Smitty summed it up with the looks fantastic and costs a lot to own comment!) :wink: