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Do you wear short cuff gloves?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by AstroBear, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Hi guys, currently riding with m2r gloves with the full cuff (or gauntlet?) I like them, but they take an eternity to get on and off, especially after you've got the first one on.

    So my question is, do you wear short cuff gloves? Would you recommend them? Thoughts etc?

  2. Yeah I wear short cuffs in the hotter weather, especially if I'm just commuting.
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  3. Yes, in summer.
  4. fcuk gauntlets....i also squid it sometimes...WHAT OF IT

    wear ixon pro sport hp gloves ....caus i'm a pro....riding is a sport....and my bike needs all the hp it can get.
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  5. ^this made me lol
  6. Yep atm got em in summer but looking for some warmer full gauntlet gloves for winter.
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  7. I wear short cuffs in the hotter weather.
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  8. I now no longer buy anything but the short cuff gloves (after a lot of trial and error). The shorter gloves fit much easier under the sleeves of my jackets, the other ones too bulky and uncomfortable (plus they take forever to put on).
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  9. Short summer gloves in warm(ish) weather for the extra feel and control they give me.

    Long winter gloves below 10C (approx).
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  10. I wear Shift short gloves. l find the long too hard to manage, especially if l have a few stops where lm taking my gloves off and on.

    I think it can depend on
    the type of jacket sleeve,
    is it difficult to manage putting them on
    how often you have to take them off and put them on on your ride
    and the weather.
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  11. #12 trd2000, Apr 16, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2013
    lmao... we guy @RubyRed some short gloves for summer touring in tassie. first day she got 2 bees up her sleeve.... i think she averaged about a bee per day for the whole trip.

    it looked like she was doing a retarded hyperactive macarena at 100kph after way too many red bulls.

    and i laughed, and i laughed.... till she made me stop.

    Ive had short mesh gloves before and they can be really good but i dont think they offer the same level of protection and they do, evidently, let bees get in your jacket.... i'm gonna get another pair for commuting/summer this year.
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  12. I prefer gauntlets over short cuffs. Just because I somehow find it harder to tuck the short cuff under my jacket sleeves as opposed to a full gauntlet over my sleeves.
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  13. Gauntlets all the way. I'm a fcuking Knight.

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  14. Warm weather - 15c+ shorties. Cold weather 15c- Gauntlets.
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  15. Thanks for the responses guys, does anyone have any specific recommendations as to what short cuff gloves comprise a reasonable compromise between protection/comfort and cost?

    I'm googling the specific gloves already mentioned in this thread :)

    Thanks for all the friendly responses guys, really makes a noob feel good.
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  16. I've got a pair of RJays Protects


    I like the cuffs as they have two opposite velcro flaps which you can make super tight or loose. I keep mine in such a way that I can pull them over my jacket sleeves without having to undo them, but they are still tight enough to stop shit getting down them.
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  17. Could check out the Teknic Chicane Street gloves(?) I've been thinking about getting a pair.
  18. Shorties on the road and gauntlets on the track.
  19. I love them. Cost? Look pricey.