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Do you wear ladies size 6 hornees or draggins?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by lopsided, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Do you wear size 6 hornees or draggins?

    If "yes" then we are the same size. What are you are wearing on the top half?

    The hornees fit great, but my jacket feels too big and I've tried on heaps and they all seem alike.

    It's the smallest size but if you don't wear several layers underneath it is just too loose. (By this I mean the elbow armour moves about and doesn't fit snugly. And also there's heaps of air between me and the jacket; I feel like a bubble wrapped parcel.)

    It's a 'moto-girl' textile jacket. I tried on every 6 or xs textile jacket in three shops and it was the best of the lot... but still not very good. I'm dissatisfied to the point of thinking of buying a draggin kevlar long sleeve t-shirt for protection, and then just wearing an ordinary jay-jays denim jacket on top to stop it flapping around in the wind...

    What have you other girls/ladies found that fits well? I'd be willing to upgrade to a leather jacket if the fit is right and it is not so poof-y and loose.

    Thanks in advance :grin:

    PS - if this thread is old, pm me about it, cause I stil want your opinion.
  2. My girl is going to get (hopefully) IXON Size textile Jacket..(Nirvana) but they make others and in a size 3 also..

    hope that helps
  3. x eleventy billion! check out the ixon jackets, they are really nice style wise and do make small sizes :)
  4. jacket! why wear one when you can just sport this:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    "...Press Release
    Draggin’ Jeans goes into Womens’ knickers!!

    Well not exactly says Grant Mackintosh boss of Draggin’ Jeans.

    "But there is a really important message we are trying to get across".

    "A couple of months ago we received an email about a girl riding pillion behind her boyfriend when he suddenly got frisky with the right hand throwing her off in her tank top. As she slid along the road face down the surface basically ground her breasts off."

    "The whole team at Draggin’ were so totally horrififi ed by the story we became determined to do something about it".

    "A week or so later the team came up with the bra and knickers / bikini in the pics."

    "While we aren’t seriously suggesting we are going into this business, Kevlar® Unobtainium
    lined knickers, as these are, worn underneath proper motorcycle clothing would defifi nitely add extra safety" said the DJs boss.

    "If these pics. make girls re-consider the dangers of tank tops, mini skirts, hip revealing low waisted jeans etc. when motorcycling then maybe this girls’ injuries will save others".

    Enquiries: sales@dragginjeans.net ..."
  5. Well maybe if it came in red, I dunno you got to colour co-ordinate with ya bike.


    Thanks for the Ixon tips everyone. Just googled it and Ixon don't have an aussie website though which was surprising, so I think I'll have to start riding further afield to different bike shops and checking out their stock.
  6. if only they were for sale :( ... i know a few women who'd love a set!!
  7. if you want to check out some styles from the comfort of your home try http://www.bikebiz.com.au/enter.html?lmd=39107.518669
    otherwise if you really cant get anything, consider a custom made jacket like tiger angel or mars leathers or something :)
  8. Ficeda Asserories are the Australia Distributer http://www.ficeda.com.au/
  9. well, sometimes less IS more :)
  10. Size 6 Draggins
    My Textile jacket is a Joe Rocket size XS as tend not to wear too many layers under it
    My Leather jacket is also Joe Rocket - but size S as I do wear anywhere up to 3 or 4 layers under it
    My Wet weather gear is Ixon - pants are a 6, jacket is a 8

    Remembering with jackets you need to be able to freely lean forward - found it helped to sit on a bike when trying on new gear as you don't want to feel restricted.

    Good luck with the shopping :)
  11. Hi Lop,

    I'm a size 10 Draggins so didn't know if my input would be useful - but trying on leathers at Peter Stevens the other day I found that Dainese had some super-small leather jackets in their ladies' range. I find their fit is great for me - be it textile OR leather, and their standard sizing range includes size six (given they're European I think you'd be looking for a 38).

    Otherwise Tiger Angel is a brand that has been recommended to me a number of times, and though I can't attest to their gear first-hand, custom fitting pretty much guarantees it'll fit (bit of a captain obvious there, apologies).

    Happy hunting! :)
  12. Thank you so much for the links and input all - I spent *ages* clicking through that bikebiz site! Will head up to Elizabeth St later this week and keep my eyes peeled for these Dainese/Joe Rocket jackets that have been recommended. That was a great tip about leaning forward to get correct position, I wouldn't have thought of that.

    Although after trying on for what fits, I'll probably buy from overseas off of eBay, I think someone else here from Canberra did that and saved a few hundred.

    As a footnote to my jacket woes - good news - I got caught in a sudden downpour this arvo (my first) and although I arrived home soggy and miserable on the bottom half, the current jacket held up great! Zipped it off and was completely dry underneath, much to my astonishment. So it's redeemed itself somewhat. :grin:

    Fauve, did you buy anything good from Peter Stevens?