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Do you watch too much TV?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kurtis_Strange, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. Yes I definately watch too much TV

  2. No I have a good balance

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  3. I hardly ever watch TV

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  1. Well I have a bit of headache from too much time on computers so decided to turn the sound off on my TV and just enjoy some quiet time while watching it...

    There's some crap program on, then the ads came on and its just SELL SELL SELL....so I'm sitting here thinking about how I should be making better use of the gym I have set up in my spare room, and the business plan I'm sposed to be working on, and the housework I need to do.....

    And it again dawned on me just how much of a time waster TV really is :? I came to this conclusion several years ago when I did not have one for 9 months, and that 9 months was the most productive 9 months of my life...

    It was around the time Michael Hutchins killed himself playing sexual games, and ok it took me 5 days to hear about it cuz I didn't have a TV to watch the news, but who gives a shit?

    From there I justified having a TV to 'keep up to date' with the news and current affairs, but lets face it the media has become a circus! You can't believe anything you see anymore as its all twisted to suit a certain party, usually the one broadcasting....

    So I'm thinking about the 24hrs in a day, and how at least 8 of them are spent working for money, another 2 used to get to and from work, 8 for sleeping if you're lucky...and what do we do with the other 5 or 6? WATCH BLOODY TELEVISION where we get bombarded with propaganda and ads tryin to part us with the money we just spent 10 hours working for.

    I know there's alot of people who probably don't fall into this trap, but I'd bet theres alot more who do?

    I've decided one of my new years resolutions is to go without TV for 1 year and see how much more productive my life will be...wish me luck ;)
  2. Good on ya DuncanK.. :applause:

    I don't generally watch TV, it's just on as background noise. People keep asking me "Did you see ...", and occasionally I feel left out, but normally I don't care.

    Now, if only I could stay off all these bloody forums I keep an eye on.. :roll: :oops:
  3. I haven't watched anything apart from motorsport with any regularity for years. TV is just so many shrieking adverts and pointless repeats.
    Some stuff can be good, the series SBS ran on the great engineering wonders of the world was terrific, and The Civil War series was outstanding, but most of the rest is lowest-common-denominator stuff.
  4. i can never get my act together enough to watch tv. waste too much time on the computer or riding bike or bicycle. i always say ill watch a some series and never do. except the cricket series! :)
  5. I hardly ever watch tv.. We do rent out dvd's every now and then though..

    I think the tv has been turned on once this week
  6. I watch MotoGP and Formula1 Seasons, Futurama and Family guy :) that about sums up my TV watching habits. The rest is controlled, biased crap
  7. i have a good balance .... my computer chair swivels so i can balance them both between computer and tele :wink:
  8. this is remakably similar to us..... news is just shocking...

    (a church was burned in a racially motivated attack)10 am
    (a church caught fire and it would be irresponsable to tie it to racial attacks)3pm

    <-actual radio text(talking)... bah.... tv is no better
  9. I HATE television, the moment my girlfriend walks in the door she switches it on and gawks at the f*cken idiot box for hours and hours, even through the commercials.
    I cant get her to spend any time with me anymore cos theres always a show thats
    1) Just started
    2) halfway through
    3) Almost finished

    I'm actually thinking of pulling the case apart and snipping the main power wire. :( I hate television
  10. carefull theres some ht gear in there.....
  11. Watch the news and thats about it. Spend too much time on here though according to the wife.. But in footy season i watch whenever its on tv. Want to get Foxtel so i can watch footy whenever i want but wife says no way.. :LOL:
  12. lol ... we had 50+ channels in scotland and watched about 3 hours a week... damn internet....

    scotland : 50+ channels+ cable 1.5 mb unlimited (actual unlimited, not this pish shaped crap)

    50 pounds a month

    Aussie: 4 channels i think?? 1.5 mb severly choked broadband....


    oh well...we do get more sun here....
  13. ive got a ok balance if ive got something else to do ill do it, but ill probly watch tv every night depending whats on, im on the computer to much ive just realised
  14. You mean you're not getting any :LOL: If its your place just sell the TV?