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Do you wash the inserts in your helmet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by starlet, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    Another thread I was reading got me thinking about washing the inserts in my helmet... it has never occured to me as something that you should do, but I can see why you should.

    So, how many of you actually remove the inserts, wash them and put them back in? I'd be worried that they'll never be the same...?


  2. I've done it. But afterwards, the lid just didn't smell like home anymore.
  3. I wear a buff on my head so that my ears don't get ripped off when I put my helmet on, it stops the liner getting too sweaty and is easily washed.
  4. :LOL:

    Maybe I should wait until it smells (as yucky as that sounds) cause atm, it smells fine... well to me anyway
  5. I do. Its just a bit of material, like the foam inserts come out and theres a cover that you wash. No biggy. In fact now that summer is over I should do it again to get that intriguing 'vinegary' smell out :LOL: :LOL:

  6. So thats what that smell is.
  7. Doesnt it depend on how dirty your mind is :?
  8. pop 'em out and fling them in the washing machine. Pity you can't do it with all of the linings in my helmet, but I believe you can with more expensive models....
  9. The material bits? Mine are removable, and I wash them and the top bit every now and then.

    :LOL: Loz
  10. G'day everyone,....

    Yeh,...I wash mine every Quarter,..3 months.
    I just hand wash them with wool wash and the skid-lid smells nice like gum leaves,.!

    Since tomorrow is the first day in Autum I will wash them again sataday night and thay will be dry for sunday since it will be a nice day!

    Dr Who?
  11. No, but then I always have a shower before going riding so I hope my head/hair is pretty clean. But I guess you sweat in it etc, so it probably will need cleaning eventually.
  12. Like quite a few, I expect, I can't remove much lining (without several hours work after cleaning!) which is why I wear an open-face balclava which I can then clean as required......also stops the niggling breeze on my lower neck above the jacket....snuggly...
  13. Not too hot during summer?
  14. Having a neck warmer or the like in summer can actually be really good. It keeps the sunlight off and, if you drench it in water, keeps you nice and cool :cool:
  15. I reckon it's cooler without the balaclava, but as the visor area is clear (I pull it down past my big nose) I live with it.....
  16. For removable liners, either machine wash in one of those net bags or I hand wash them with shampoo.

    For non-removable liners, hand shampoo again, making sure all of it is properly rinsed out when finished & then let the helmet dry out for a day or so.

    Works fine with my Arais.

    If you have a look on helmet instructions & boxes, most tell you that they can be washed. When you think about it, it's pretty much the same as when you are riding in the rain or sweating heaps.

    Anyways, that's my 2 cents worth.
  17. I used to wash mine yearly, but the wife complained last time because I threw the liners in the washing machine with other stuff which turned the water a dark sewer green colour and went thru everything else in the load. Had to rewash everything three times to get the stench out. We had to scrub the washing machine tub as well with sugarsoap.

    Liners came up ok though! :LOL:
  18. Are the liners removeable in the Shoei TZ-R. I don't want to try to rip them off if they aren't
  19. Have a non removeable liner in the Arai - been using Motorex helmet care to freshen up