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Do you use earplugs?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Sweeris, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. I have recently start puttng earplugs on when I go out riding and I find its so quite and I can hear myself think. Unlike when I dont have them on I can barely hear myself think.

    Im starting to wonder if most of the riders use ear plugs or not.

  2. I did when i first started cause i wasnt used to my loud cibby but a few times i have forgotten them and just kinda learnt to live without them for daily commuting or out for a spin with friends.

    But on a long ride, esp a solo cruz through the natio ill pop them in.

    Iv ridden with my mp3 a few times and am looking to buy so noise canceling headphones which should solve two probs at once.

    Of course you want to be aware of your environment and im sure alot of people will argue that.

  3. Where is the vote option for "sometimes" ?

    I use them on longer trips out on the highways but don't bother around town.
  4. i find that hearing my engine & the cars around me helps alot when i ride, if i ever got to the point were i needed ear plugs i would probably use my ipod, though i think a lot better when lisening to music, but lisening to my bike & just enjoying the ride is good enf for me.
  5. I wear plugs most of the times.
    The only time I don't is when I forget.

    I'd rather have my hearing reduced because of the earplugs than have the hearing reduced because of the windnoise.
  6. Unless I'm just going up the road I use my plugs. I don't know whether it is my helmet or what, but it's bloody loud without them.
  7. yeah they're great for cutting back wind noise or when I take the cruiser, with the noisy pipes, on a run for more than an hour
  8. I always where them unless I forget, I have little enough hearing left as it is.
  9. Mug if you don't, I reckon.

    You can actually hear better with earplugs, for one thing - removes a lot of the useless wind-noise. More importantly though, it protects your hearing. Even the best helmets will have noise levels around 100dB @ 100km/h - permanent hearing damage over even a short period of time. Not worth it, IMO! I like my music too much to waste my hearing on wind-noise. :LOL:
  10. Not yet, but im going to purchase some of the earmold ones :grin:
    I reckon ill need my hearing as i get older :LOL:
  11. i wouldnt i hate having them in when im shooting, let alone riding. i like to hear and feel the surroundings rather than the white-out noise of earplugs. having said that if i was cruising on a supersport with a 2bros pipe i might consider them.

    otherwise Harden the Fcuk up
  12. +1
    I'd be less worried about the pipes, it's the battering your ears get from the wind.

    I used to go 40 min a day freeway commuting without earplugs. Now I have permanent hearing loss and am susceptible to debilitating tinnitus, even for short periods without earplugs on the bike. What a way to HTFU.
  13. Having already lost some on my upper register riding in the 70s without them, I now put them in even if I'm riding to the shop.......
  14. And my bike sounds better with the plugs in as you can only hear the low notes from the pipe.
  15. Try them out. You hear better with earplugs, trust me. You also can concentrate a lot easier, and thus are far less fatigued. Given how cheap they are, there's almost no reason not to use them - other than pride. :p
  16. Sorry i like my hearing, and would like to keep it for when im older. Im only 24, but with 6 years building and only wearing hearing protection when i flet like it had me lose some of my lower hearing already.
    So i'll HTFU and wear ear plugs so i dont winge like a little girl when i have no hearing
  17. i gotta say reading this thread has got me to the point where i'll try them out this coming week commuting to work. i guess you're all making sense as i wear them at work and they seem to block out unnecessary sounds.

    was always fearful that i may not be aware of my surrounds while riding.
  18. i use my mp3 player with the in bud ear phone cuts out heaps of nosie and still have music to lisen to hehe