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"Do you think your time is more important than mine?"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. This is the question I was asked by someone this morning after I filtered past in a car park while the driver was thinking of unicorn dicks or whatever with clear tarmac ahead of him, and I then parked to go inside my destination. The driver was seemingly offended that I went around instead of sitting there with my thumb in.

    In any case, random citizen: Of course I think my time is more important than yours. I think my life is more valuable, too. Does anyone REALLY think a stranger's life or time is more important than his or her own?

    People these days, sheesh.
  2. should have said to him "yes, because i'm not a ****wit like you are.'
  3. You say, "No of course not, is there something I can help you with? like make a decision to park, or breathe??"

    Or just use sign language & say in a 'deaf' person's vioce, "Sorry, I'm deaf". That usually makes 'em feel like poo!
  4. "Well yes, you obviously have a lot more time to spare than most people -

    or is it that your brain just works a bit slower".
  5. "sorry, don't speak english!!" usually works
  6. "Did someone just say something? I don't usually pay attention to anything happening on the road"

  7. ...well obviously!!....:D
  8. "no I just love being held hostage to your time wasting whilst you meander like some headless chicken."
  9. "yes, don't you know motorcyclists are always in a hurry to get to their next lay?"
  10. That's funny, because in reality, that's one less f*cking car they have to deal with each morning.

    Is that irony?
  11. That would have shown him.
  12. "You would, if you could."

    But I'm not a fast thinker. This reply took me hours.
  13. "I reject the premise of your question. The real question is, "Why should a motorcyclist have to wait in a queue created by your selfish decision to drive a car?""
  14. It's quite simple ( read my sig )
    And declare it, with a loud voice! :))
  15. Obviously, If I'd known you were going to take this long to park I would have spent another 10 minutes with your wife
  16. tough call.
    but still deserving i think to lose a side mirror at least
  17. if you could hear him then your exhaust isn't loud enough
  18. "i had to hurry to my appointment with your mum"
  19. "Yes. That's why I ride a motorbike."
  20. Great responses. I'm not a fast thinker so would probably have just resorted to large amounts of childish abuse.
    If someone is fluffing around then yeah, my time is obviously more important than theirs. life is too short.