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Do you think this is dodgy ?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by doonx, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. I got this email. Normally I would have ignored it, but as we were trying to rent our apartment out adn we deal with the international student market, thought it might have been to do with that, even though it came in on the wrong email address to what is connected to the apartment. It's an email thread, so start at the bottom

    I'm think about just ignoring it, but it's weird though.

  2. It will be a stolen credit card.
  3. smells very fishy, but I don't see yet how it would be bad.

    edit: good call vic. I'm betting on this one too.
  4. Ignore it. I know I would.
  5. If it's not dodgy, it's probably more effort than it's worth. Clown can't put up a bike ad, he's going to be a pain.

    Tell him you're too busy, sorry!
  6. For starters..... why would he be selling a bike from India?
  7. I'd say he's got a dodgy credit card number and he wants you to enter it to basically see if it works.

    It doesn't make any sense that he'd be trying to sell his Indian bike here, so he's scamming, and that's the only thing I can think of that he could get out of it.

  8. LOL :LOL:

    Wotta fool..

    Hey play along with it & give me his credit card number.
    I need to buy a few more parts online :LOL:
  9. He's in India, so, presumably, the bike is also in India.

    IF it is a vintage collectors item, worth the time and expense to import, it might make sense....otherwise, sounds dodgy.

    He's got your email addy...and that alone is more than I'd be comfortable with
  10. Definitely ignore. Spelling mistakes are in the wrong places for someone from any background. I know it sounds dumb but look at where the spelling mistakes are!!!

    Generaly foreigners mispell words due to phonetics and the inability to pronounce certain letters, especially asians (not having a dig, being serious).
  11. Definitely dodgy.

    If he's got a problem with bikesales.com.au let him take it up with them.

    Run away...
  12. Here's my response :

    Hi Matthew,

    Yeah I can help you out, the first thing I need is your Credit Card Details, including :

    Card Type
    Card Number
    Card Expiry Date
    3 Digit Security Number
    Name on Card


    Your Bank Account Details:

    Bank Name
    BSB Number
    Account Number
    Account Name


    Your Full Name
    Your Full Residential Address (PO Box is not acceptable)

    after I get these details, you will need to send me an international draft to cover the cost of the advertisement, my handling charge and other associated expenses. For the sake of ease etc, can you please arrange this draft to the amount of $1000AUD.

    Please contact me again once you have all those details and the draft organised,

    Pleasure doing business with you !

  13. haha

    mate at work replied to one of those dodgey emails... about a scheme to get "millions"

    they replied and everything, spelling just a bit strange here and then, caling you different names etc...

    it was actually quite hillarious :)

    keep the contact going ... it's good fun
  14. matti.west the nigerian thing! that's what i was talking about... it's all about nigeria... president, or soemthing like that
  15. :LOL: Netrider-run 'Nigerian' scam. Bit of payback for those bloody call-centres
  16. ROFL :grin:

    Thats it :LOL:

    Use his details to access p0rn sites :twisted: :p :LOL:
  17. lol, nice work Doonks
  18. Dont know if you've had em, but those bloody foreigners who
    call from overseas call centre shit me..

    Cant remember which carrier it is, but there is a mobile carrier here
    that when you ring enquries ya speaking to people in India :shock:
  19. I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong, but I'm told that a disturbingly high percentage of call-centre work is now contracted to India. Telcos (bless 'em) are the worst offenders