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Do you think theres a chance?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sidney, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. hey

    What do you think the chance is of me trading my 08 CRF50F for a half decent trail bike is?

    I want to go road legal soooooo badly.

    I'm not sure if this is against the rules or not (but if it is, can an admin PM me before they remove or delete this thread) But is anyone here interested in buying an 08 CRF50F modified for bigger riders? Asking around 2k.

    So what do ya reckon, anyone wanna trade or buy? :)
  2. if ur simply asking what chances r of u trading in at a shop, people may comment here. if ur avertising to other NR's to buy/trade for ur bike, then do that in the for sales section of the forum, IF it is working currently. if it's not, dont do it here. just tought titties.

    and no i dont want a trail bike :p
  3. Try a stunt forum, mini mx forum, mini motard forum etc.

  4. I rekon I wouldn't get much from a dealer at all, but I spose I mean a dealer and a private seller.

    Can you reccomend me a motard/supermoto forum? (fullsize bikes)
  5. you can't go road legal anyway.... :?

    but its plenty of time to bling the bike up :grin:
  6. yeah I'm only 15 haha but im 16 in May so I can be getting my L's pretty soon.

    And yeah I'm blinging it up, just got a new brake pedal wooooo. (over the top brake pedal to be exact)
  7. Yeah but don't you have to be 18+ to get your L's for a motorbike license? (I never really looked into it as I only got mine recently, and recently got on to full car license).
  8. 16 to get your L's in SA
  9. That's insane.

    So you're on the road, on a motorbike at an age where you have absolutely no road experience? Sure, when you're in a car you have someone teaching you the rules and how to approach things, but on a bike you are on your own.

    It isn't a question of if you can ride a motorbike, but if you can ride it on the road.
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  11. I honestly believe that if you have enough confidence to hit the streets, then go for it.

    + In SA its like around $400 for L's so that kinda wrecks it. But I understand the point of view that you are comng from.

    And yeah I am already a member of FMX Australia, but I'll keep my bike a bit longer before advertising it I guess :)
  12. So you believe you should have a car licence before a motorcycle licence?
    There is NO evidence to show this is beneficial. I had a motorcycle licence for 5 years before I bothered to get a car licence (and only then because I needed it for work- and they paid for it) I know quite a few others in the same boat.

    Several US States as well as South Australia have 16 year old licencing - again, there's no evidence that it's a bad thing. Britain used to have 50cc licences (mopeds) at 16 - I don't know what the age is now.
  13. I got my car licence and Truck learners in SA
    ended up getting my truck licences in the back blocks of the NT
    but yup was 16 when I started with my licence journey

    Good luck in swapping your bike and good luck with your learners.

  14. 16 does sound young, when i was 16 i had roller blades.
  15. Bollocks! If you've driven before you already have a sense of roadcraft, meaning when you start riding you can focus on RIDING instead of having the added pressure of learning roadcraft at the same time.
  16. Bollocks! If you have been riding for years, and already have the motorcycles skills, then when you get on the road all you have to worry about is learning roadcraft. :LOL:

    I started on the road at 17 years 9 months, which was the earliest I could in Victoria back then. I had been riding since 15 years or so. I then moved to Melbourne to go to university, and rode in the traffic all year, just 18 years old. I never had any issues because I could ride rings around the cars near me. I just had to learn what stupid things most drivers will do.

    As long as you are not trying to learn both riding skills and roadcraft at the same time, it is fine to be riding on the road as early as 16, assuming of course some common sense and the right gear is used. Oh, and that your bike is up to road use.
  17. i was riding 7-10kms to the bus stop every day when i was 15
  18. +1

    I think having driven a car before you just jump on a bike, you understand the enemy much more.
  19. +1 above,
    At least in the car your learning the road environment with more protection.