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Do you think it would be worth it? update:more infor on bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by kyle_13, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, well i havne't got my licence yet but this came up on the notice board at my work and was wondering if you think it would be a worth while investment or would it just be a head ache.

    Also what else would i want to ask about the bike ( i have no idea) but my father in law is a mechanic.


    I cant post pics at the moment, work doent let me use photobucket or imageshack.

    By the pics the seat has a couple of tears in it and the right front indicator is hanging out.

    Let me know what you think.
  2. Depends on the km and how bad the engine is. The gpx/zzr engines usually get thrashed.

    For $300 you can repair all that and still be laughing, although you might need to check the forks but still even with fork damage you can come out of it laughing.
  3. How much would i be looking at for repairs?

    Lets say for all the brakes and maybe the forks?
  4. if you're not yet licenced. can be bothered going through all the effort of fixing it up and dont mind a bit of red tape getting it VIV'ed and inspected ect go for it.

    a streetfighter gpx could be ok....it probably looks better in the twisted state it is now than they ever did stock :p
  5. ok i just this information from the seller

    Let me know
  6. We'll i just got some of those parts for a gsxr750 the other day.

    Well i got my levers, front and brake pedal for $100ish from a wreckers brand new(ripped i know but i couldn't wait), front rotor i was quoted around $140 2nd hand.

    Forks, they need some work but still, should cost around $150 on top of buy price to get them fully redone.


    You'll have to look around for some good prices.

    Sounds like it was stolen. :p
  7. what the bike or the forks. lol

    What about the KM's? I though with rego untill the end of july was good as well?
  8. I would buy it

    If all in needs was forks, its not a fast bike anyway, so you cant expect a high speed wobble on it anyway, but is it in a good enough state to pass your test on?

    those k's are high too if its original motor, would be worn down to 10k

    stolen ? wtf, who would take a smashed 80k worn out 250 and try and make a $300 fortune on it

    theaves are morons but I dont think they are that dumb, or are they :?
  9. Yeah luike i said i dont have my licence yet and i though it would be a good investment to learn on as for 300 i think its a bargin. My Father in law is a mechanic and has worked on bikes before.

    As the amount of KM's are so high is there anything major that would need to be looked at (on the engine). I am nwe to bikes so please any help is great and thnka in advance.
  10. How high is high? 100k is about blow up time for a gpx, so would likely need a rebuild if its around that.
  11. he said that it is at about 80000km

    Rebuild costs?
  12. Thieves are that dumb, should see some of the shit ive seen....

    Sounds like the bike is stolen.

    80k km, stuff that, its life is nearly over. Engine wont be the only thing needing to be looked at. I've never had a bike with that kind of km but you could check out what needs to be done from people that have had bikes like that.

    You can get a gpx for like 1k in so so condition.
  13. If it's rego'd you could always ring your local equivalent of REVS to check whether all the numbers stack up.

    Does the damage to the front end look like it could be the result of someone jemmying off a disc or shackle lock rather than the alleged fall over?

    Assuming it's not nicked, it does sound like a tired example but it is awfully cheap. Even parting it out you'd have difficulty losing money.

    If it's damaged but hasn't been involved in an insurance claim, the rego authorities may not even know it's been stacked, so if you repair the damage with standard parts, and don't tell anyone, I don't see that red tape should be a problem :grin: .

    You do need to check it's provenance though.
  14. Mmm, I've got a '92 GPX 250 and that's done just over 80,000kms. I, too was enquiring about how long an engine in a bike like that would last and the mechanic I spoke to didn't really give me a straight answer, claims it depends on how it has been ridden etc, etc. So, maybe I'm in for a rebuild soon. :roll:
  15. what are they like to ride biker girl? As for engine manitenance have you had to spend a lot on her?
  16. Just make sure you do your reseach before you buy, find out as much as you can about that model compared to the newer models.
    Than ring the bike shops and ask them about replacing certain parts & doing things like the rebuild, also ask about the availablity parts. Than ring the wreckers & find out what parts you can get for that model.

    I've fixed up a few cheap bikes, some i bought thinking they were a common bike easy to fix only to find that the model i had was slightly different and costed more than the profit i was going to make.
  17. thanks heaps vin for your help, i will see what i can do.
  18. I've got a 1992 GPX250 with over 80,000kms on it. It's had a top end rebuild and is in great condition.

    Without even seeing it, I say buy it, if it turns out it's no good, you could part it out and hardly lose any money, you might even make some. If all it needs is new brakes, then you get a cheap bike. If you don't want it, PM me the details, I'll buy it.
  19. Muppeteer, do you know how much it cost to get a full rebuild?