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Do you think cops lurk this site?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kurtis_Strange, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. Any cops reading this please indentify yourself :LOL:

    btw I'm not anti police, my best friend is on the force, but lives in the UK
  2. lol they probably do ..... but no more or less than anyother site ...... i think they would have more to do than watch for erant speeders .. posting their stories
  3. I hope they dont, because yesterday I did 300km/h through a School Zone on the back wheel with children present on my CB250
  4. lol you forgot .............. on the back wheel .. while draging a CT110 ... and sending a text message
  5. "Hey Jim, we've got one here doin 300km/hr on a CB...ah CB250, shall we investigate?"... :p
  6. Phew. At least you weren't drink-riding.
  7. Yeah, that would have been dangerous... :LOL: :LOL:
  8. can you do 300kmh on a 250 ?
    and the hardest thing is typing a text with your left hand....!!!!
  9. In an official role, or because they like to ride bikes in their spare time and yack about them too?
  10. I sincerely doubt any on the job coppers browse these forums... Youd have to assume atleast a couple of bike enthusiasts are around though...
  11. Who is the owner of the Hayabusa that was towing you?? :p
  12. No that was me towing and I was using my mountainbike……that’s lotsa pedalling to get it that fast AND having to pull a cb250 as well
  13. Base: "No. Come back to the station immediately for drug testing; you're obviously hallucinating!"
  14. Sure, just ask, and I'll arrange for a plane to throw it out of..... (for the smart bastards, yes I do know what terminal velocity is).
  15. Hey inci, completely OT, I was wakened this morning by one of the world's last surviving Super Constellations flying over my house! It lives at Albion Park Aerodrome and is used for promotional flights, etc. Glorious old plane......
  16. Unless another has come on-line in the past few years, 'Connie' is the ONLY 'Super G' still flying. A perfect example of the 'If it looks right it fly's right' rule. She was restored from scrap at Mojave in California over several years by shifts of 'commuting' volunteers from Oz, a herculean effort.
  17. Indeed, one of them is a friend of mine, teaches computer at Gerringiong Public school during the week and lives areoplanes all weekend.
    I'll see if I can get some pics of the beautiful bird and post them so the 747-spoiled young 'uns here can see what used to be the queen of the skies.....
  18. *sings*

    What's the colour of a two-cent-piece? COPPER! COPPER!
    All coppers are c**ts, all coppers are c**ts
    What's the colour of a two-cent-piece? All coppers are c**ts...

    hehehe... I like that song. It's cheeky!! *Grin* :twisted:
  19. hay grrrl i was thinking about something all morning...i think you need what i was thinking about more than me
  20. I live close to an airport (we had to have acoustic rating pass applied to house building) and it's wonderful on w/ends to watch the planes and occassional copter fly overhead. We regularly get formation flying practice loops too :) On quiet and still nights, it's a bugger when the big, and loud, King Island freight plane flies over around 12:30 am each night though :)