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Do You Talk While Riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MattyB, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. seeing as no one can hear you or see your mouth, do you have a good ol' yarn during rides?

    i reckon i would (when i get my bike, that is..)

  2. I yodel, and swear at drivers.
  3. Yea I do, and swear at drivers :twisted:
  4. I sing at the top of my voice, especially on open country roads, anything by The Eagles, Queen or U2 (El-e-vation... WOOOOHOOO.... WOOHOOO)
  5. I generally stick with breathing (and a bit of thinking on the side).
  6. hahahahahahhaa the helmet kareoke on a nice ride :cool:

    nothing like have a nice long chat, or singing along to the music in your head or just yelling gibberish and laughing like a maniac while tearing around your favorite bit of road. :twisted:


  7. Isn't talking to yourself the first sign of madness?? :wink:

  8. Nah, the first sign is having hairs on your palms.

    the second is looking for them
  9. Yeah singing in the helmet is good fun, mine actually has quite nice acoustics :grin:

  10. Too hard with a full face helmet.
  11. didn't look, honestly I didn't look :LOL:
  12. THE EAGLES ROCK!!! I saw them in Concert last year in Sydney, WOO HOO, what a concert!
  13. I like to talk gibberish and sing made up words to songs stuck in my head, I tend to talk to myself about the drivers ahead and how bad they're driving too :p
  14. It's okay if your hearing voices, just so long as you're not listening to them...
  15. I swear like at biatch... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Esp. when there is a close call with a car etc :oops:
  16. Yeah your only crazy if you believe what they r saying.... :p
  17. Open roads I sing and mangle the words, or hum :grin:
    In cities, I swear at idiot car drivers.

    Haven't heard other's voices...yet. But if I tilt my head down and to the side, my helmet has a weird harmonic that sounds like high pitched yelling or screaming. Freaked me out first time as I thought some-one was yelling a warning at me. :shock:
  18. You know the trips too long and your earplugs are no good when at certain angles you can hear weird voices in the turbulance :shock:

    Just kidding, it's just annoying.

    Also the made up game show "Worlds worst drivers! Come on down!!!"

    I reckon most people hang sh1t on the cars around them. I know I do.
  19. :) Nah don't talk to myself while riding... I believe I'm very quiet.

    Only times I do is if I'm doing a self commentary ride with myself if I haven't been riding for awhile or had a scare and am building up corner confidence again. I find it can help alot.

    Other time are when some knuckle head in a cage is trying to kill me etc. uno the usual...
  20. I am the karaoke queen when i'm on the bike, those holes drilled into the pipes make it loud enough to drown out the sound of my own voice! :LOL: