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Do you take the loooonnngggg way home 'cause you can!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jeffatav, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Who takes the LONGEST way home, just for the fun of it all!!

    It was such a nice day I couldn'y resist :grin:

    (my apologies for the Sydney based ride following, but feel free to post your own area ride for the local riders there :idea: )

    Coming home from work today and Warringah road (northbound) was the usual crawl.
    Turned up forestway thinking Mona vale road will do instead of the usual Wakehurst parkway.

    Got to Terry Hills and it was such a nice arvo off I went down through the twisties of Mc cars creek road (my favourite kilometre, down from the duck ponds, in Sydny Metro).
    Still plenty of time so at Mona Vale, off I went through the suburban twisties out the back past Newport Arms, past Royal Motor Yatch club, up and over the back of Bilgola Plateau, past Clarveille and got to within about 500m of home and couldn' resist turning left out to Stokes Point and eventually came to Barrenjoey road at North Av.
    Should have turned right and haeded for home, but could't resist and left it was to Palm Beach and back.

    Really great ride, even though I was tired at the end of the week.

    Added on about one hour to the ride, but a real blast and really enjoyable. :grin: :grin:

    Thinking of making it a Friday ritual for the start of the weekend.

    PM me anyone, and maybe meet up at Terry hills for the ride to Palmy without any dual carraige way (apart from about 200m at North Avalon) without ANY lights all the way through to Palm Beach.

    Post your own Mini tour :idea:

  2. ahh, the joys of riding. cagers will never understand will they?

    that is what riding is all about, the very essence of why we ride. I bet you felt fully charged up and you had forgotten all about your s*** week at work Jeff!

    and yes, I always take the long way home!!!
  3. I second that.!!!

    i did the same friday. took the longest way possible home.. left here right there.. taking roads i have never been through lol :D It was awsome. then i went down some twisty roads in Kew and found my self in boxhill. then took a long away again to get home :D

    You right about the riding experiance and why we do it. I cant stop riding.. at nights when is @ hom, i have withdrawal symtoms :( i get depressed.. GOD I LOVE THE BIKE!!!

  4. yeah i take the long way home too, sometimes i even go on rides.

    my petro bill is CRAZY! even though a bike is cheap to run. so far i've done about..... lets say close to 2500kms since i brought the bile 3 weeks ago.

    yesterday i wen for a ride to Stanwell tops and dat was 125Ks alone. LOL
  5. can't help myself

    TOO MUCH TRAFFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Once again I took the Mccars creek/ Newport hotel/bilgpla plateau/stokes point/Careel bay twistie excursion. (not Palm Beach this time)

    It's a really great way to remind yourself how much fun it can be, instead of continual checking for sudden car movements and "potentials"

    Last week a took a fellow NR (PHIZOG) for my LONG WAY HOME and he enjoyed the trip and found some roads he did not know existed.
    A few REALLY steep bits with right handers at the end tested him and he will only improve (L's for 3 weeks)

    good young fella, Jared!

  6. Hehe yeh it was great fun, but (as always) my bike nearly dies when going up prince alfred parade hill lol! Jeff put me to shame in the twisties (on his cruiser) which was good as I needed taking down a notch :) Thanks for showing me the alternate route, I can kind of remember it, despite the 200 turn offs :D