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Do you take the LLLOOONNNGGG way home 'cause you can?!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jeffatav, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Who takes the LONGEST way home, just for the fun of it all!!

    It was such a nice day I couldn'y resist

    (my apologies for the Sydney based ride following, but feel free to post your own area ride for the local riders there )

    Coming home from work today and Warringah road (northbound) was the usual crawl.
    Turned up forestway thinking Mona vale road will do instead of the usual Wakehurst parkway.

    Got to Terry Hills and it was such a nice arvo off I went down through the twisties of Mc cars creek road (my favourite kilometre, down from the duck ponds, in Sydny Metro).
    Still plenty of time so at Mona Vale, off I went through the suburban twisties out the back past Newport Arms, past Royal Motor Yatch club, up and over the back of Bilgola Plateau, past Clarveille and got to within about 500m of home and couldn' resist turning left out to Stokes Point and eventually came to Barrenjoey road at North Av.
    Should have turned right and haeded for home, but could't resist and left it was to Palm Beach and back.

    Really great ride, even though I was tired at the end of the week.

    Added on about one hour to the ride, but a real blast and really enjoyable.

    Thinking of making it a Friday ritual for the start of the weekend.

    PM me anyone, and maybe meet up at Terry hills for the ride to Palmy without any dual carraige way (apart from about 200m at North Avalon) without ANY lights all the way through to Palm Beach.

    Post your own Mini tour

  2. tuff question for me, i am at work until i get home, therefore the only distance in question is from vehicle to front door.

    i guess on occasion i go via the bottle shop across the road :grin:
  3. I live <5km from work (4mins ride) but usually takes me 30-45mins to get home

  4. i work 12 hour shifts from 7am>pm or pm>am, im usually recovering/asleep afterwards, so no, i don't take the long way home. But on the other hand i DO have 4 days off where i can take a ride whenever i want :)
  5. Couple of weeks ago i ran into a guy at stanwell tops who was on his way to work at riverwood from liverpool. I rekon thats a pretty decent effort.

  6. with both of my two jobs being with in 200m of home. but i'm offten known to walkin grab my gear and walk straight out again..
    but yes offten i do take the long way. after lastnights coffee in the city of melb i headedout to st kilda then to richmond thu the tunnel over the bolty bridge and slowly weaved my way home, wich is a 20 min WALK form where the coffee meet was :)

    long road always wins
  7. Not that this should change your habits, but... My one big off was on the way home from work, and I'd chosen the 6 km route with some twisties rather than the 1 km route without. Initially got compo for the prang 'cos it happened on the way home from work, but then had to pay it all back 'cos I wasn't going the shortest possible way.
  8. long way because you can?

    I think a lot of people do. I went for dinner in narrabri on friday night (I live in sydney). I left a little earlier so I could detour via wauchope and the oxley, and all the dirt between bendemeer, manilla, halls creek, boggabri and narrabri. Coming home, I wanted to detour via the putty, but they closed the bugger because of fires!
  9. I'm pretty lucky as I work in Wantirna and live in Narre North, so my ride options are bloody endless......

    quick and direct = Wantirna, Lysterfield Rd to Narre (22km)

    The good way = Wantirna, Belgrave, Emerald, Gembrook, Pakenham Upper, Upper Beacie, Narre North (42km)
    Also have the option of = Mt Dandenong, Launching Place, Gembrook and back through Emerald to Narre (52km)
  10. 2Km trip for bread and milk last night took me 1 hour, and i almost forgot to stop at the supermarket on the way home :grin:

  11. The long way home for me (from Box Hill to Hawthorn) is to go whitehorse rd instead of mont albert rd and its only longer because of stop start traffic. :(

    I could always go a little further to Yarra Boulevard (The Bouv) but by the time i get there peak hour traffic has kicked in so that makes it less fun.

    I always think, i'll go home for a couple hours then go out for a ride when the traffic had died down, although my comfy couch seems to stop that from happening :p
  12. Definately the long way home for me :grin:
    Don't know how many of you know where Strathalbyn is too Adelaide But I ride it twice a day too and from work. I could go via the freeway but do I NO! Apart from the fact the first half a week I did it 2 trucks tried to merge me into a guard rail and countless cars have tailgated me even though I'm traveling 110-120kph..... Sorry.. Ranting! So I talke the long way(Strath>Maclesfield>Echunga>Handorf>Summertown>Work) 60-100kph with 90% of it twisties, the best way to start off the morning and a great way to finish off the day, can turn a shitty day into a half reasonable day.
    And it only take 10 minutes longer on the worst day :)

  13. Yep. It's the long way home for me too (unless I am in the cage for some reason- then it's the shortest route possible!)
  14. Yep usually I take the long way, but since I do not ride to work I take the long way to where ever I am commuting to.
  15. Hey jeff, my joyrides almost always involve mccarrs creek. My favourite part is the twisties at the top, as well as trying to master my lean on the uturn corners :)

    But as for my typical ride after work, when going back to narrabeen from warriewood, just as I'm about to go over the bridge, the wakehurst parkway lures me onto it :) I turn off into the old road that goes over a bit of water (turnoff before oxford falls intersection). After trying to avoid flying off my bike from the rough bit of gravel road and avoiding a ticket from the cop car that often hides in the bushes, I go through forest way, into terry hills down mccar, then up to palmy and back to narrabeen :)

    PM for a ride sometime.
  16. Thats an impressive detour with your home probably less tha 1 k away?? and a complete backwards loop of the peninsular that put on probably about 40k's.

    you could have extended it by going the back way around Bilgola Plateau, out to Careel Bay and after Palmy, return by back roads via Whale Beach and North Avalon Beach.( all suburban twisties)

    Are you the same PHIZOG from that other place we are not allowed to mention????? :LOL: :LOL: