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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GN250, Aug 7, 2005.

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    No not that wind !!! I find it uncomfortable to ride above 90kph on my little Suzuki GN250 with no wind protection from a screen or faring. I just sold a GR650 and had the same problem....I felt that if I relaxed my grip on the handgrips I would be blown off and end up on my ar*# on the road. Question is - how do you guys (and girls) on the larger more powerful naked bikes manage? Or do you just grin and bear it (pun intended)

  2. I certainly suffer from wind on my little naked 250 and also in the bedroom :oops: .

    I test rode my step dads honda st1000 and got it up to 90kph with NO NOTICABLE WIND. Since I did this I have not stoped looking at larger sports tourers, and my little naked 250 is just not the same anymore. :(
  3. I have a ZRX1200R and it has a little bikini fairing (only a little larger than the headlight). It is simply amazing the difference between a small headlight fairing or screen and no screen or fairing at all.

    The small screens deflect wind off the chest area (which is where most of the force against you is pushing).

    I would consider a small screen (probably a clear handlebar one considering you're riding a cruiser).
  4. yup what ZRX1200R said, althou i am still tempted to take the one of the front of my zrx, and get rid of that butt ugly square headlight
  5. i got a cb250 and i got exactly the same problem

    however being a learner i like that at the moment cause it slows me down and doesn't get me to any speeds where i may get myself into trouble!
  6. My VFR has a fairing which is a little low for my liking (am looking into a double bubble screen atm) but believe me, ANY fairing is betetr than no fairing.
  7. even with a fairing, either a stiff headwind, blustery conditions or turbulance from other vehicles can still cause rag doll effects on the rider.
  8. make sure you keep areas clear beside you free of traffic , and go with it , dont fight it all the time , if you get a big gust , and you know the traffic isnt there let it blow you over to there as long as you dont leave your lane , from on side to the other , let it roam a little it doesnt hurt and as it drops , just move back to your original spot .
    fighting it all the time , when it drops you can get yourself into trouble , sometimes it better to go with it , but be prepared for the big gusts , and if you are watching the traffic you will know that if you get blown out of your lane it will be safe to move over in it .
  9. Quite right, another riding skill to develop, isn't it?
    Having said that, though, I'd still prefer some buffetting from the wind AROUND my fairing than put up with the aching pain in the middle of my chest from having it used as a sail for a couple of hundred k's.
  10. That why I enjoyed riding behind Lil on the way to Halls Gap.

    Evil side wind.....as soon as it blew her across the road I was ready for it and steered accordingly :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    The wind never really bothers me on a naked bike cept at high speed (160 plus) not that its a regular occurrence. The only thing I find at those speed is my neck muscles get saw from trying to keep my head forward. And before anyone says anything I'm a size 58......check you own helmet size before you start saying I have a big head 8)
  11. Head winds I have learnt to go with. (took me a few weeks)
    I have a screen on my VTR250. I don't know how much difference it makes.

    What I still have trouble with is the cross winds like yesterday. I was being blown all directions which was a bit scary. I couldn't even maintain 110K in top gear! :eek:
  12. Check out the pic of my Hornet in the images gallery, a small screen over the headlight does make a world of difference, like ZRX says. They're not expensive either, around 160 - 200 and you can fit them yourself.
  13. And while we're on the subject of fairings, might be appropriate to mention Craig Vetter, whose Windjammer fairings probably did more to encourage the design and use of fairings on motorcycles than anybody in the 2nd half of last century.

  14. On my little naked gsf250 bandit, I get blown around a fair bit but i've learnt not to fight it so much now. I havn't been on any really long rides on it yet but at the moment its really on the side winds that get me scared at 80km +

  15. Man oh man..

    I took my baby on the freeway today to check out what it was like.. windy to say the least. I took her over the Bolte bridge and I reckon I could safely manage 80k's an hour, while i was buffeted all around.. I never realised how windy it was up there.. and then it started raining..

    I learnt a lot of lessons on the road today..
  16. One of the reasons I settled on a Naked bike was because of being blown sideways by a truck whilst on a ZZR Although I still get moved around - it doesn't seem to be as bad. I also had a biniki fairing put on - and it does make a difference, but probably not as much as a full fairing.
  17. Just tuck down behind the screen , but warning , if you dont tell your pillion what you are going to do be prepared to be whacked :shock: :roll: . Dont really have those probs on the bird , i did with the ZX9 but bought a double bubble , great device. :D
  18. Haven't noticed it so much on the GS500 so far, but I am still running it in :D
  19. You seem pretty defensive there foxy.
  20. My helmet is XL so I can't talk either.