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Do you steal VIC motorbike plates??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by removed_user3, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Last Friday night I was visiting a few friends at their place in Blackburn when some little c*** or c***s removed the number plate from my bike.

    This is just a friendly message from me, to whoever is responsible for that kind act, that if I find you stupidly riding around with the VIC plate AC137, I will chase you down and kick you off your bike into on-coming traffic.
    For anyone who may read this and is keen for a bit of a vigilante mission, I would be most interested to hear stories of how this person or people suffered my retribution at your hands.

    When did people begin stealing bike plates? I seriously hope these idiots are riding around with mine on. It's not the $13.60 for the new plate I'm pissed off about, it's the principle!
  2. Someone's doing 'ride offs' at the fuel pump.

    Little bas...ds :evil:

  3. I never thought about why they'd do it. I presumed it was to keep it as a novelty item but ride offs on a motorbike? They go a lot further than cars with each litre. If someone is that hard up, they shouldn't be on the road. Thieving hands.... I'd cut them off then they wouldn't be able to do it again.
  4. Speed camera fly bys, armed robberies, how big is your imagination?

  5. I hope you've reported it to police, otherwise you might have a hard time explaining why it's not you when the speed camera taxes start to arrive in the post. Make sure you tell your insurance company too.
  6. Actually, it's rather hard to convince vicroads to issue you with a new number plate unless you present them with a police report.

    I'm off the hook, it's those whom did the pintching that are in the pooh with winnie... That's assuming I catch them and not the police!
  7. Always best to use rivets for attaching plates to your car or bike.
  8. Hmm, my first thought that it would be kids to hang on the bedroom wall :?
  9. You could use security Torx screws as well.
  10. Double that advice!

    I had my plate stolen 2 years ago now... On Mouth's advice I reported it to police. About 6 months later police showed up at my house telling me that they found the guy who stole my plate - my plate was on a stolen bike. They would never have found out that the bike was stolen if I hadn't reported my plate stolen (as it was just a routine 'enter the plate into the system to see what it says'). Apparently when you go to vicroads to get a new plate they don't designate your old one as stolen, and doesn't get on a police database. The only way police know to look out for it is if you report it yourself!

    To top it off, when the thief went to court part of his required payment was the money it cost me to replace my number plate - so I got a cheque in the mail for ~$30 (or whatever it was) to cover cost of plate and rego (which was attached to the stolen plate...).
  11. You should always get new numbers if you lose or get one of your plates stolen and report it ASAP so you don't get the full SWAT treatment if they do a robbery or something between the time they took it and you getting around to reporting it.

    10 minutes at a Police station will save a lot of grief further down the track & a piece of paper to show Victor Roads to get new one's issued.
  12. had that happen with a VL wagon I sold to the wreckers
  13. I have had to replace my plate three times since january due to vibrations causing them to crack and fall to pieces.......
    not once have I been required to provide a police report!
  14. I lost the plates of my bike once also - not sure if the screws rattled their way loose or if they were stolen but I didn't think much of it at the time. Went down to Vic Roads, paid my $(insert correct amount here) and didn't give it a second though... until... I got a phone call from the police. they were very interested in the make and model of my bike and my whereabouts on a specific day. Turns out, my plates were use on a another bike in some sort of robbery or something.

    Anyway, I likely could have avoided that uncomfortable situation if I'd reported them stolen but at the end of the day, the police checked with Vic Roads, knew I'd replaced the missing plates and didn't own a bike matching their description.

    I also have a story about leaving an RACV key tag in the glovebox of an XE falcon I sold which was later used in a ram raid robbery.. But I'll save that for another day.

    Seems I'm good at attracting unwanted police attention, haha :p

  15. Sorry, I stand corrected in my sarcasm. I just thought that the reporting of a stolen plate to the police was a fairly important (and perhaps obvious?) point... :oops:

    **Crawls back into hole...**

    Anyway, just PM me, anyone, if you see the plate around, yeah? (AC137)