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Do you sing in your helmet.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ausfox, May 23, 2012.

  1. Hey guys.

    Been riding for a few months now and today was riding back from the nasho and caught myself singing.

    Song wasn't great, can't remember what is was.

    Who sings?

    And do we all think we should win the voice?

  2. I'll never win Idol but I have sung through large slabs of Gilbert and Sullivan and Handel's Messiah while riding. The seven classic Jimmy Buffet albums, in date order and track order. The weird thing is, I can be singing along, my mind can wander off somewhere, and when I come back I'm further along in the song.......
  3. All the time. Usually the same damn song over and over and over.
    There's a guy at work that regularly lets out a couple lines of an annoying catchy song, one of those guys...
  4. Tried it and I was so terrible even i couldn't put up with it.
  5. Thank goodness for full-face helmets, then :LOL:
  6. yeah,
    the shower and the bike are the only time i sing, cause i know no-one can hear me:D
    its a great way to releive tension and focus, specially on long rides.
  7. yes - yes i do
  8. Mmmmm - bop.....

    Oh wait.....what?
  9. Yep done it a few times while listening through my bluetooth unit. Pedestrians look at ya weird when you are belting out ya best Tom Waits impression.
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  10. Oh yes, all the time... "Take a long long ride on your motorbike!"
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  11. Not sure if what I do can even remotely be classified as singing, but who gives a toss .. I'm with Kanga on the Tom Waits tracks, "Big in Japan" at full yell at the traffic lights does get peoples attention 8-[
  12. i do and you really do get some wired looks when you start singing TNT or other songs that invole guns i never worked out why thought
  13. Used to sing a lot on long trips, not around town much. Since getting the mp3 player not as much. Last long trip back from Adelaide to Melbourne the MP3 player went flat at Ararat so had to sing myself home. ;)
  14. yes, when i'm on a particularly boring stretch of road I'll sing songs to liven things up a bit.
  15. No, but I swear a lot.
  16. have the headphones in usually, and have been known to sing along.
  17. and they are probably thinking "that guy sounds so pissed i am surprised he keeps his bike upright"
  18. Yes. Badly, but no one has complained yet.
  19. Definitely when you're listening to music whilst riding its pretty hard not to.. i'm not good at singing but eh who cares.
  20. All the time. The bluetooth is connected to the iPhone, and I have headphones in the backpack for those looooong rides when the bluetooth doesn't last the distance (like last Sunday). James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Jackson Browne etc etc all get a good flogging.

    Have also been known to start dancing once the helmet goes on.

    I also talk to myself, and to the bike.

    My sister keeps telling me about this psychiatrist she recommends that bulk bills...maybe I should take her up on it.