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Do you ride to work?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gixr.thou, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Hey All,

    Do you ride to work?

    Are you one of those people who takes pictures of your bike at different locations?

    Have you taken a photo of your bike at work?

    Last but not least, how good a parking spot do you get at work for your bike?

    I have taken a photo of my last three bikes at the same workplace and it's become a bit of a tradition now. So I thought I'd share the latest happy snap of my current bike at work and see if we can't encourage others to photograph thier pride and joys at their workplace.

    Share your happy snaps. :)

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  2. you're spoilt with the undercover parking dude :)
    my poor baby is parked out on the street, I worry about it sniffing carbon monoxide all day :(
  3. I do ride to work, but I'm not one of those people to take photo's of my bike! :( I'll have to endevour to do that when I get her back on the road.

    As for parking... Front row! In front of the door every time ;)
  4. :) yes I ride to work rain, hail or shine. Wife takes the car so fortunately I'm stuck with the bike.

    I've allocated car spot so I park my bike there. It's outdoors but doesn't matter much to me.

    And yes I do take photos as well sometimes. :)
  5. Ah, I have one of these somewhere...
  6. Yep, I share a covered alleyway with a triumph and a hyosung. Will take a photo this arvo.
  7. Yep, myself and all the other motorbikes in my building take up the bicycle racks in front of our building (y)
  8. Whenever i can, especially now that upper management said we can't park our cars in the car park out the front. We are required to use a car park that is almost 3 block away. They haven't mentioned anything about the bike. There is a great spot undercover 10m from the front door, that only bikes can get to.

    occasionally the bike gets inside.

    and then pics like this happen.
  9. no photos, but i had suh-weet parking in the middle of sydney cbd for $0, with building manager approval and all, but the stupid cagers complained on principle and gave the manager hell until i had to stop parking behind the bins in the undercover carpark (lolol). they pay retardo dollars per week and decided free parking for a motorbike was UNJUST.
  10. I ride in once a week, usually Monday because the traffic is lighter. (well, that's the thought, anyway). 99% of parking in the area is metered from 7am to 7pm but there are two free spaces, so I try to get in as early as I can to get one of those. Someone broke into my car parked outside work a week ago and took a few things from the glovebox, also tried to steal the car itself......so I'm a bit worried about leaving my bike there now (but that's not stopping me from riding in). My bosses (4 of them, all brothers) ride in and they park their bikes in the management section which is under cover and locked, but they haven't offered me a spot there for my bike even though I've dropped a few hints.
  11. Hi,

    Yes ride to work every day
    No not a great photo taker
    Quite like my spot, it is outside but on a nice wide foot path with a garden bed between bike and the road so no worry about cars knocking it.

  12. yes, ride to work, rain, hail or shine. Have three lock up bike sheds at work. and the guys on the front gate have guns.
  13. Ride everyday.
    Park in the same spot everyday.
    All the regulars know which spot is which.
    I have a photo which I can link when back at my desk.

    DROID-Tablet talkin'
  14. Have only missed 1 day of riding since starting riding a little over 3 months ago. Free parking at work...this is one of many little bays. Mine is front right closest to elevator:

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  15. I ride to work and get to park 5m from my office door. Park under a balcony away from rain (unless it rains extremely sideways). Tis a nice spot :)
  16. Yep ride every day rain, wind or shine, hot, cold or in-between.... I would probably not ride if it was hailing..
    Have a nice underground squishy space behind the 'bikebin'.
    Ran down earlier to take some nice blurry pics on my phonecam..
    normally there are bikes fighting for space in the summer, less so in the winter... :angel:

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  17. I drive to work. Eating my first breakfast. Nice comfy warm car mmmm. Then I ride all day for work.
  18. I ride to work every day. I don't take photo's of my bike very often.

    My parking space is next to the recycled water storage in front of the truck wash, it smells.
  19. I rode to work as often as I can (solely based on Melbourne weather). I park right out front of work in the motorbike parks next to a few nice bikes like ZX-10 I think, Daytona 675, CBR600's all in nice condition. Only problem is traffic to leave lol but I don't take photos......yet!
  20. Here ya go
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