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Do you ride/have you ridden a Hunter Spyder?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Big W, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Not sure if it's unwritten rule NOT to discuss this bike as it's not a 'common' brand, but I'm just after some honest opinions.

    As the title says, has anyone ridden, or currently own one of these bikes?

    If so, I'm interested in how they go, geared etc. Would it be realistically suited for freeway speeds? Comfort/riding position? Balance/performance? Reliability etc.

    I know that when it all boils down, it's 'only' an overpriced harley wannabe 250, but I'd be really interested in some honest opinions.
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  3. Yeah, I think the 2011 model is a 350 fuel injected engine (? still LAMS approved).

    Noticed that the pre-2011 models have dropped in price since this newer/better one has been released. To be expected though.
  4. I still don't know why they're not doing a LAMS 650 version - such a waste...

  5. They are LAMS approved and they are I think the same or maybe Hunter has modified their bikes to make them better than the stock Chinese import. The Laro below looks very similar


    As far as I can tell they are made in China. I know the Johnny Pag bikes in the US & Canada are made in China and again, they seem the same as this Laro
  6. Abso-friggin-lootly! It is a waste.

    Maybe they're 'testing the waters' to see if people would buy them in the first place. To me, it would make more sense to START with the 650 (or bigger) version, THEN bring out your LAMS models. I dunno, maybe it's cheaper to start with the LAM's.

    The only reason I haven't bought one for my LAM's period is (a) they're FAR too expensive (a little better priced second hand at one or two years old), and (b) I wanted an 'easy' bike for my most test - cone weave etc (so I got a CB250 instead).

    But if the Spyder's power is anything like the CB's, then I'll stay away from it like the plague! Just want to know if it's all show & no go!
  7. Do you reckon it makes a difference whether a bike is made in China or Japan?

    I guess even the major brands try & cut costs as well by adding plastic instead of metal, cheaply made parts etc. Just that these 'newer' brands haven't been tried & tested!
  8. Defiantly. Japan manufacturing is light years ahead of Chinese.

    I'm not a fan of cruisers but they do look pretty cool.
  9. I do know from reading the US forums, there have been problems with the Johnny Pag bikes made in China, then again Japanese watches were junk when they first came out. maybe in 5 years the quality of Chinese bikes will be approaching the Japanese.

    The Laro 350 prostreet ($5500 I think) is not as long as the Spyder eg the front rake.

    It might be easier to ride but I;m not sure about these 21inch front wheels. Does that make them less stable ??
  10. The Laro prostreet looks like one of the other Hunter models - their 'Daytona'. Hunter also have a 350 Bobber, but not really a fan of those.

    Do you think these bike are like, say, helmets? A $60 helmet has to comply to the same design & safety rules as a $1000 Shoei, just that the Shoei does it better, better fit etc etc.

    Just don't think the Spyder has been around for long enough for people to see any issues?