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Do you ride differently?-----Track Riding vs Twisties Riding

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by al77, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Ok heres the deal, I live pretty close to Albert Park, 5 min to get there, so its not uncommon for me to go for a few short blasts around the F1 track. Its not really track riding but the condition are similar....you get the drift.

    Kew Boulevard is also the closest set of twisites where I live.

    The one thing I've noticed is that I am alot more comfortable riding fast at Albert Park than I am around Kew Boulevard. I am alot smoother, more comfortable leaning off the bike, and generally lean the bike alot further over. Everything feels alot more natural.

    I suspect its because i can see alot further and can actually look through the corner. Where as at Kew Bouldevard I can get nervouse/occasionally tense up when i shouldn't because of the blind corners potential debris, crappy surface, silly cagers etc

    Does anyone else get the same feeling. Is this just a riding skill confidence thing?

    or should I be riding differently in track vs twisties riding, any hints/tips would be appreciated.

  2. The boulevard is a bumpy goat track! It's no wonder you feel less comfortable.

    If it's police free though, it's a good track to exercise remaining relaxed and practice good throttle control.

    Anyone who attacks the road the way they would attack a race track is asking for trouble and should rethink their road riding.

    BUT having said that, the skills on the track are mostly transportable and you should be using every trick you know to keep you upright and having fun on the road.

    ...just my 2c...
  3. You seriously need a day at a real racetrack! They're everything good you've described, but ten times more and better !
  4. Yes, you should be riding differently. :)
  5. Planning to do many of them ....but after I do CSS at Phillip Island in Sept just to get the skills up first.

    I ride the bumpy goat track just for a bit of fun, its the only thing thats not straight with traffic light within 45 min from where I live.

  6. You'll love it!

    BTW in response to the original post, I also find that no matter what road I'm on my cornering
    limit is how far I can see around the corner.
  7. Dude, you've got no idea how hanging I am to get there :grin: Crossing the days off to Sept 10th as we speak.

    Used to race cars at PI, so it will be interesting to see how it feels on the bike.. fingers crossed shiny side up.
  8. Hmm, wish my arm/shoulder is healed (good enough) so I can do that as I plan to, once my shoulder allows "high speed" unhindered for riding. So, for now *twiddle thumbs* whilst doing physio and other "healing" things (acupuncture and other eastern healing stuff) until I heal (hopefully!)
  9. The bumpiness adds to the fun. Getting airborne for a millisecond on that bump after the bridge going up to the lookout is a particular favourite!

    I've practiced that road so many times I feel more comfortable on the Blvd than on any other road I've been on. I guess it comes down to familiarity of the road and not it's condition?
  10. Bumps are fine as you tend to know where they are......

    So far the dozen times i've been up there, I've had a car turn in front of me as I was rounding a bend, a few trucks drag dirt onto roads, the occasional branch and loose gravel. Other than that, its been fun.
  11. On the road I stay seated in the saddle..and have a safety margin...on the track I move my ass.
    Very easy to get dumped if your hanging off and hit a bit of rough stuff.