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Do you ride better carrying stuff?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ljiljan, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Such as, a big ass bag on your back? Not sure what it is, but my riding feels a lot smoother, more confident, more lean, lacking SR's when I'm riding with a backpack on - usually full of uni stuff. Last few times Iv ridden there has been a clear difference between bag on and bag off. At the start I put it down to one day just being particularly focused, but now I'm looking elsewhere as a pattern emerges.

    At a guess, I'd say it has something to do with a shifted CoG, thats all I came up with...

  2. Mine's the opposite. My bike handles better without the Gearsack bag than it does with it. I find that, having the bag on the back creates a sort of "pendulum" effect when you're winding it on a bit.
  3. Given i load my poor little 250 up with shi...stuff when i go to work, yeah, i do. Aside from CoG changes (usually higher is worse though?!?!?!), probably more constant load on your springs/shocks gives a firmer, more consistent feeling ride.
    But i strap all my shi...stuff to the bike, not to me.
  4. Well, a few bags of cement on the back of the ol' MZ made me a lot better at wheelies :grin:.
  5. This one time on the bike I rode around with this 55kg item on the back. It was a fairly busty item with flowing blonde hair. My cornering, stability and comfort increased significantly. Although it did make me take quite a few more risks than usual...
    It seemed to enjoy the ride aswell... especially considering my bikes a parallel twin...
  6. Back when I rode a Majesty YP400, I found it handled better with a full tank of ULP. If I also crammed 6lt into the squat 5lt plas jerrycan, and angled that under the rider's seat- it handled still better.

    All this cured the problem of a rearward CG bias.

    Two machines later and I'm on a BurgerKing. With its forward sited fixed horizontal 650 parallel twin; its all good . . . full tank or near empty.
  7. I used to ride to work/tafe etc with a backpack and it never really used to bother my riding, cant say it improved it either but I did have times like you said where you're more focused. When I got my new leather jacket last winter, it started to annoy me wearing a backpack and kind of started to effect my comfort etc on the bike so I went out and got a tailbag and havent turned back. I have noticed tho, I ride very smoothly with a pillion on the back and the lean angle on some corners may be considerably more then if I was just cruising on my own.. perhaps the extra weight at the back gives you more confidence?
  8. i had a bike that would get some serious headshake and wobbling between 160 and top speed ~220 iff i didnt have a full gearsack on...

    the preload ect and the weight made it stable as
  9. ever taken a pillion, i find it very uncomfortable, excess weight i dont want :)
  10. Yeah, I reckon it's psychological. Most of my riding (unfortunately) is commuting to and from work, when I have a backpack on (had a rack and bag on the old bike.) Because that's what I was/am used to it feels a bit weird when that weight isn't there, or now with the backpack when I don't have that pressure on my shoulders.

    I find the opposite though - I'm more comfortable without the cargo than with, and both bikes felt lighter and flicked around better.
  11. could be that the backpack makes you grip tighter with your legs but without it you take more weight on your arms?
  12. actually that is quite possible, perhaps even likely.

  13. For sure!
  14. on my 250 i could notice it when i tied something on the back, on my short lived 600 adventure, with a proper rack system, it was harder to notice that difference
  15. I don't notice really any difference, except when I was in Bali and had hubby on the back of the 100cc scooter, I had a bit of the wobbles to start with, and it was harder going up hills. Check out this guy.

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  16. Lilley,

    Do you ride more often (maybe a lot more often) with a bag on? It might just be that you're more used to it that way.
  17. It will have an effect...so far, the effect may have felt positive and on the good side...but be wary of what it can do on the bad side of the equation. outside of that, there is the psychological effect, which could mislead you into believing it is better than it actually is.
    To Hazzard a guess, I would say that your increased mass allows you a greater/easier physical effect on the bike....That extra sense of control will increase your confidence.

  18. Before I learnt how to hang off the bike I used to ride better with a pillion.