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Do you report taxi drivers?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by magin, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Hey Netriders,

    Last night, I had to get a taxi home. Normally I do not use them as too many near-death experiences on the bike have been provided by them, but I had to.

    Sitting in the passenger seat, the driver is muttering under his breath constantly (I think he might have been on the phone) and we are coming up to a red light.

    I think "Hmmm, I'd be slowing by now", then "Hmm, I'll wait and see what he is about to do" and then we continue speeding up to this red light.

    The point of no return is coming up, so I now scream at him "Slow down!" and put my hand up and he stops for the red light. He was driving very crappy the whole trip as well.

    I have almost been hit by a taxi driver speeding through a red light on my bike before. I think that the number of times, I've been merged on to by taxis, or had them fail to give way at intersections is grossly disproportionate to the number of them on the road. They seem very complacent. I know there are some good ones, but seriously...

    I like Sydney buses drivers. They drive all day and I believe they are excellent. They actually pay attention and I think they are in general very good. Better drivers than me. Taxis on the other hand....

    Anyway, do you guys report them?
  2. Report him for what? He stopped, and while it may be thanks to your prompting, you can't report him for almost not stopping for a red light.
  3. hi, i just read your report.
    be assured, we from the internets take these types of complaints very seriously.
    we have dispatched a special envoy of cats riding vacuum cleaners to his taxi rank.
  4. Appropriately attired in argyle cardigans I hope....
  5. Surely they'd be CATGATT?
  6. They will take a while to get there though
  7. if he didn't stop and plowed into another car then you can report him... but since he stopped... i see no issue.
  8. So I was calling about the accident between the taxi and the other cat at the intersection... Yeh, the one with all the rozzers, fire crews around and the ambos came to take the other driver to hospital... Yeh, and the driver was being charged... Yeh well, uh, the taxi driver, um, he didn't stop for the red.
  9. More important than report him for what is report him to who???
  10. i lol'd
  11. Ha yes OK, I was being silly... no point ringing the taxi service and whinging.

    It is just strange that they stand out as being being terrible drivers. I know not all are, but it's much more common. Why are say Sydney buses drivers sensible pretty much all the time, and taxis terrible?
  12. Yeah seriously... What's with them always mumbling on their hands free to someone,,,????
  13. IIRC I read something somewhere about taxi companies wanting people to call them up about bad drivers, but it was a while ago so I could be remembering wrong
  14. A taxi driver rents a car from a company for a period of time. The passengers they pick up are their pay.
  15. Insanity, probably! I dont think there is anyone on the other end....8-[
  16. About 11 tonnes to negotiate cf. a crappy old Falcodore.
  17. Short answer .. yes.. i do call and report them.. for everything i can.. mainly coz i know what i can report them for since i did my taxi license.. (to drive chauffeur cars a while ago)

    Ive pulled handbrakes on taxi's before to prevent drivers running up the arse of parked cars.. ive watched and let them drive through red lights (knowing there was no other traffic in a very open intersection ) and then called the company while still in the car to report the driver..

    report the hell out of them.. it might not be your life you save.. but it could be the next passangers or other road users ...
  18. you can't arrive here on a leaky boat, having never even seen a car or a traffic light in your life, the last thing you "drove" was a water buffalo...
    then be driving a bus through Sydney the very next day.

    but a taxi however, yes you can.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. I hate when it's the end of the night and all the bars/clubs are shutting down, and they won't pick you up because they are trying to get a customer that is going a further distance.

    That makes me rage.

    I've resorted to not telling them where I'm going till i jump into the cab first, since they can't tell you to get out, or just say Penrith, and tell them once you're in the cab that you changed your mind and to take me to Balmain instead.

    I do believe they aren't allowed to refuse your business based on the distance you are traveling, but I doubt reporting them would do anything anyways, so you just have to beat them at their own game.