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Do you remember your first ever ride ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bretto61, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. For a lot on here I guess this is a pffhht question. Easy peasy.
    It's taken me about a month to really nail down the first time I ever rode and why.
    It was 1967..eeek. A property called Clover Creek out past Cobar nsw. And it was an old Vincent two stroke road bike.
    Every year the whole family went back to the property for muster. It was a hoot. And us kids had to ride ponies...spit yuck cough. And yeah this one year a few of the hired help were on bikes. We hadn't seen that before. I had seen bikes but not for mustering. I liked this.
    One smell of the fumes. One taste of dust. They took off spinning the wheel. Roaring away. I was hooked. My first stiffy.
    All the big kids got to ride them at the end of the day if they had any energy left. I still had to be lifted up to get on the seat. How embarrassing.
    All us youngens were spewing. We wanted to be big. I got doubled but that sucked. Well it was pretty good but I wanted to ride.
    So anywho with my bro, cousins and the indigenous kids there was still about eight of us under nine. I was six and the youngest. And smallest.
    We knew this old bike was in the shed. We knew no one rode it.
    So off we marched into the kitchen to front the big people and demanded that we be allowed to ride the old bike. Being the smallest it was me they all pushed out in front to face the inquest.
    The big people all roared with laughter and told us if we could get it going we could ride it.
    We cleaned it to perfection over night after a few useless attempts at push starting it. It was so clean and looked so good it had to start in the morning.
    We pushed that sucker for at least ten miles the next day. It never once looked like firing. It completely wore out eight highly motivated kids. That takes some doing.
    Any way last run for the day and I was at the bars. I think only my second time at the bars all day too. We were all pretty down and deflated. We didn't have much hope of it working. And wouldn't you know it. It farken fired up.
    We were off.... woot. It was like bees to the hive. Eight kids hit and stick like magnets to this bike as it roared up the road.
    Luckily it only roared for about three seconds and rolled to a stop before I crashed it and was faced with a night of abuse and punches for wrecking a perfectly good bike.
    That was all it took though. That one little ride and hooked for life.

  2. haha thats a great story

    My first time actually riding was at the L's test which is pretty boring. But a good memory i have from a kid was coming home from school one day. I was drudging home as usual on a 30 degree summers day but then in the distance i hear my old mans gsx750 coming down the hill behind me. He pulls over and gets me to jump on the back and rides me home with no helmet just my stupid little legionairres hat on haha. Thinking about it now it was probably only like 1 or 2km but back then holding on for dear life, feelin the cool wind through my clothes it was great. Another fond memory i have was always riding my little 3 wheel yellow toy bike out the front yard watching dad ride off to work and thinking when im older ill get a motorbike
  3. first ride...
    xmas 1986. i'd just turned 6 a few weeks prior. we were getting ready to move from horsham (beigetoria) to we dunno where, and my olds decided to buy me my first chooker (honda z50)
    lucky for me we lived across the road from the local school/football oval so i had somewhere to go for my first and last ride before we moved. this oval was edged by 2inch waterpipe.
    anyhoo dad did teh double me teach me thing then left me to give it a shot, which after a few hiccups i managed to succeed. my oldies and both older sisters were sitting on the fence watchin me ride, when i decided to go over to them.
    except for the part about not being shown how to stop.
    so here i am, headed for this fence which was roughly neck height, and i panicked. didn't know how to stop, couldn't turn, couldn't pull my hand off the throttle.
    everyone knew i was in shit. ol' man ran at me, literally clotheslined me maybe 2 metres from liquefying my face on the pipe fence, the bike sailing under the pipe and falling over just the other side.
    after looking at a few places, we settled on a 23 acre property just outside healesville (well, it was "just outside" when we were there 25 years ago) and this property had, at one point, been used for horse agistment, so there was a short circular-ish track for me to learn to ride properly, and in time, i made some more tracks just by riding round.
    and the older kid next door had an xr80 so we often rode together
  4. My dad taking me on the back of his old kawasaki trials bike in the 80's, I was 5 i think,
    we bailed at the top of the dam wall one time into the long grass at walking speed....
    doughnuts on the honda trx250 quad on a dried clay pan@8yo...
    and riding an old italian fantic 250 trials bike round our little farm.
  5. On a road ( my only 2 previous times were at the testing place) and man it was sketchy. But amazing.
  6. The parents were most vexed to discover that i do indeed remember my first ride as Dad's pillion when i was 6 the very year he was guilt tripped into not riding them any more 'for the children'~ ;)
    (and he's gone and used my getting P-plates as an excuse to start up again. Sorry mum! :D)
  7. On a 250 somethiing or other Honda CB250 most likely, in the bottom car park @ Toombul shopping centre. 20 years ago at least.
  8. On a postie bike at a mate's farm. Was having a blast until I got a little too...adventurous on blacksoil and dropped it :(
    Then came a hiatus of many years until I did Qride a short while ago. :D
  9. BSA 175 bantam on the back of dad. about 1966..
  10. i come from a family of riders so i had a motorbike before i even owned a pushbike.

    iirc the first was a Yamaha rm80... the more i think of it the more i come to decide there may have been an other bike before that one, i have great memory's of riding that thing.
    i remember climbing up the side of the bike as it rested upon a tree lol
  11. Riding a mates two stroke trail bike around some fire trail up near Bayview on the northern beaches when i was about 9 or 10 i think. I remember this because the chain snapped while i was riding. Lesson learnt - always break a mates bike.

    Also riding posties on a farm rather extensively... I remember it vividly because both my parents were freaking out about it thinking i would die and went and bought me full gear just to ride this postie around a farm :p My first hoon moments, really. :D
  12. i was 4 the old man bought me a little PW50 after 7 months bought the PW 80 had that till i was 6 then had a DS80. from that i went to XR100 at the age of 10.. the after that only had CR125s and CR250s.. bikes are in my blood and will be for the rest of my life.. i cant see myself not owing a bike in my life time..
  13. hahaha....

    Well it was something like this.... (first ride after L's as that doesn't count)

    Less that 10k long from Peter Stevens (Ringwood) to Wantirna (Home)
    Picking up new GS500F...
    Fairly hot humid day Xmas eve...
    Fill in reqired forms, etc...
    Guy walks bike to front of shop and explains the basics.
    Meanwhile sweating and dying of heat from wearing what feels to a noob, more like snow gear in the middle of summer....
    Gives me keys and a torrential down pour starts so the guy says oh by the way, new tyres on a moto need wearing in and are very slippery particularly in the wet... GREAT!
    Take off, can't see a thing wondering why don't helmets have wipers!
    Raining harder, and thinking yep, I'm hitting the tar at least twice before I get home.
    Cars feel close beside and behind me...
    Make it home in one piece and as I get there rain stops.... perfect!
    Happy I'm not dead and relieved...hahahaha
    Have a little sook because brand new bike already dirty...

    But not even two years have past and with over 50,000K, it's been a BLAST!

  14. 1990, Mornington VIC

    Whilst learning to fly at Tyabb Airfield, we made friends with a fellow pilot (female) whose parents owned a Cessna 172...AND a nice property containing at least 2-3 dirt bikes.

    The 'yellow one' grabbed my attention, during a visit to their house/land...
    After starting the Suzuki RM80 and fanging it around their (massive) front yard, I then took it on some gravel surfaces, where I almost lost it and narrowly missed a tree...

    ATGATT ? What was that ? lol

    Aaaaah, the memories !
  15. 2 times durig the learner course and then test riding the bike I bought. Nearly dropped it.
  16. I grew up on a farm, so had been on the back (or front) of ag bikes a lot as a kid. In about 1978 or 79, I was about 9 or 10 and stayed at a mate's place for the weekend. He had a Suzuki A80 road bike. On the Sunday arvo, in his back yard, he gave me a go. He was sitting on the back just in case. I dropped the clutch and opened the throttle, wheelied and he fell off. The throttle was cranked open as I avoided the clothesline, heading straight for the open back gate (through which was a road, then straight down a hill). His Dad was standing right next to the gate, but frozen, watching. I steered away from the gate and rode straight into the steel mesh back fence. Everyone fell about laughing, it was great!

    I was hooked. My parents bought the Suzuki from them a few weeks later, it was my first bike.
  17. My first ride was when I was 17. I'd been looking for a bike to buy, and I'd seen a Suzuki Intruder in Pratt & Osborne. Love at first sight! I started going around buying gear, and I'd just bought some gloves from the Harley shop, then my Mother and I saw some bikes further down the street. As we were walking past I saw a Suzuki parked on the footpath, the exact one I was after. My Mother being her usual confident self yells out "who's bike is this?" A woman was called out of the Wood Oven restaurant, it belonged to her. She said she was selling it and moving on to a bigger bike.

    Her husband offered to take me for a ride on it, Sherie couldn't because she was not yet legally allowed to. Looking back now I'm surprised my Mother was happy for me to jump on the back of a bike with a guy we'd only just met lol. Sherie gave me her helmet and jacket and off we went. The wind was cutting right through my jeans and I felt like I wasn't even wearing them. I probably annoyed the crap out of Rick, there were a few times when my helmet clunked against the back of his... oops. It was great fun, there's no other feeling like it, it's a real freedom feeling. I bought that bike, but never ended up getting my L's, I didn't have the confidence so I traded the bike for a car. At the time I think it was a good move as I had no previous experience on the road, but I'd love to have that same kind of bike again.
  18. Dirt Bikes growing up on the South Coast of NSW in the 90's I was around 10 when I got my first. The old man had a road registered TT 600 (I think) and my best mate at the time used to race kids motoX. I got an XR 80 and then a KX125. Used to ride them on the road all the time down to beach with the surfboard strapped along it against my leg...

    First road bike was illegally riding a Yamaha in '97 (some sports bike about 600-750cc) that belonged to the older brother of a mate. I was about 15 and I think I knew then that I'd be riding in some form or another as long as I was able.

    In the early 90's in a small beach town where the cops were cool and knew everyone you could do anything...
  19. My first ride (not pillion) was in 1975. We lived on a small acreage near a small town outside Geelong. Much to my mum's displeasure my brother (9 years older than me) came home on leave and bought a Honda 125 road/trail bike.

    Mum made him promise not to let me ride it. He broke his promise. I remember being both scared shitless and more excited than I'd ever been. I stalled it the first dozen or so attempts, then managed to do my first wheelie and promptly landed on my arse. After an hour or so we were taking turns in doing laps of the paddock timing each other, he won. We didn't tell mum. But when his leave finished he left the bike with us. I found the keys and would 'steel' it when mum and dad weren't home. That was until they came home earlier than I thought and got caught. The bike was the chained up in the garage.

    My next ride on a bike wasn't until 1979 when we moved to Benalla and one of my new mates lived on a farm and I rode their farm bikes every chance I got.

    My brother never continued riding and it took me until 1996 to get my licence.
  20. 7 - 8 years ago now. On a scooter, on holidays on a tropical island. I so did not want to rent one but everyone else in our group was so I had no choice. The rental company got me to ride across the grass and asked my friend's boyfriend to stand by and 'catch' me if I fell off! I made it without falling, and literally rode off into the sunset. Terrified, exhilarated and then totally hooked.
    Got home, bought a scooter. Then got a little curious and bought a motorbike. Many bikes later still own both a scooter and a bike and am forever glad I gave it a go