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Do you REALLY need that Hayabusa or Ducati Panigali?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by CrazyCam, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. Hi folks.

    I came across this following thingy, thru the ABC web site and thought it might be of some interest to some of you lot.


    A wee sample quote:
    "Some empirical evidence points to a connection
    between mating motives and conspicuous consumption. For ex-
    ample, men place a greater emphasis on obtaining wealth after
    being physically near women (Roney, 2003), and men increase
    their desire to purchase products that are expensive and luxurious
    when mating goals are salient (Griskevicius et al., 2007). Saad and
    Vongas (2009) found that the opportunity to drive a late-model
    Porsche Carrera led to increases in testosterone, a hormone that has
    been linked to male dominance displays across species (Dabbs &
    Dabbs, 2000; Mazur & Booth, 1998). Consistent with the hypoth-
    esized link between testosterone, conspicuous consumption, and
    display, testosterone decreased if men drove a dilapidated old
    station wagon in a public setting"

    I have to admit that, while I really enjoyed the wee drive I had in a mate's Carrerra 4 Porsche, it didn't actually win me any extra sex.

    I dunno if it worked for him.

    Back in the days when I had a Rambler Matador Station wagon (only as a tow car, I hasten to add), I didn't notice too much lack of sex, but <shrug> I was younger then.
  2. Have they done a test to measure the testosterone levels of men on panigales etc after they get their asses whopped in the twisties by someone on a LAMS bike? Do they shrivel up?
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  3. I don't think they have actually had a learned, peer-reviewed, report on the subject, but....

    I am pretty sure, not only does it shrivel up, but it drops off completely. :finger:

    As for being passed by a scooter..... don't even ask.
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  4. None of us 'really need' anything much more than food and water.
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  5. Maybe it inverts?
  6. Bikes are different. I was my bike twice a week and look at it constantly. My GF, my female coworkers, my other friends that are female, all react the same when I am doing that - they roll their eyes and walk away. No sex happening here, but it's OK. I'll clean my bike.
  7. Women are incredibly shallow aren't they ;)
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  8. Yes. Next question, please... =D
  9. Still rather the bike
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    Having the ability to make a girl laugh and cook her a fantastic meal while your doing it, that will get you laid more often than any material thing you can buy...ie penis extension....

    Myself I've mostly waited for the classic or second run of a model. Couldn't help myself with the 916. But regained ground with the 998..... some would argue! `The original KTM520 was another. Lucked out with both and never had any issues.

    Has me thunking about how we buy these great functional pieces of engineering that many many hours of intellectual property as well a hands on labor have gone into...... and first thing we do is mod them? I love a light switch power band and suspension that patters over everything under a buck on the dial. But how nice is it to ride a bog stock bike on the road......
    Not that I could live with it on a daily basis lol
  11. I have to agree in principle, only nit pick is that the meal doesn't have to be fantastic, just reasonably good.

    It the showing of willing that counts.
  12. yup this will do it & being, tall, handsome with big ass muscles, unfortunately being a completely insensitive asshole ruins it every time!

    but seriously not all men are so obvious, I know guys that go out of their way to drive that shitty, bit up, rusting old camry from 1988 even though they could afford something much nicer, although then they wonder why they are alone

    Personally I don't think I want the latest bike for show, I'd like to think I am more practical, looking for Tuono or S1000R, the baby blade just doesn't cut it any more. The 250 was designed for a 60kg pimple faced Jap kid not a 105kg western fatso. The GSXR600 is an awesome bike but my back gets sore & I would love a bit more torque & it can take honors as my track biatch.

    The Tuono yes its overkill for the road & is not cheap, but its comfortable, has torque, looks good & has all the latest rider safety aids (plenty of crashes to prove I am no riding God). So yes I could have just kept my 22 year old baby blade, or even my even 29 year old RG250 but where is the fun in that....end rant
  13. @POPEYE@POPEYE , you could keep the 250's and get the Tuono or BM, having the fun of switching it up depending on what you are going to do that day-weekend.
  14. Kept them all, but try telling the wife that!
  15. As long as when you are asked "What type of flower does your wife like?", do not respond with "Self raising" and you should be fine. :blackeye:
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  16. GOLD!!!!
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    I've not ridden one but after making the jump from 45 to 107 hp (tuned GS500 to tuned VFR800)I literally cannot fathom having even less weight and nearly twice the horsepower that something like a ZX10R/S1000RR makes
  18. Honestly I reckon they're a horrendous waste on the road. When I'm doing 260kph down the straight at EC on my 600 and those things pass me like I'm stopped I too can't fathom having that much power either
  19. Could be the new form for Cafe racers.