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Do you own a Piaggo X9 parked at King St, Syd ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. well, you poor bastard !

    Our much loved City of Sydney traffic inspector has just given you a mustard-yellow envelope !

    60% of the width of your bike over the parking sign. :( . . . . somehow I feel responsible because I don't usually park at King St but I had a meeting with consultants this morning.

    To make you feel better, I offered the traffic inspector my space as I was leaving and i'd wheel the X9 in. . . . he just shrugged and smirked !
  2. Here's a tip.

    Don't touch what aint yours.

    If he wants to park illegally and get a ticket, let him.

    Chances are if someone comes back and finds you wheeling their bike around they'll want to break your arms.
  3. Well, I'd let you move my bike... as long as you didn't have grubby fingers. You don't even know if someone moved the X9 in the first place to fit their Goldwing! :p

    We should have a poll: "Would you be fine with someone moving your bike so you didn't get a ticket?"
  4. The guys at work move my bike around all the time. As long as they don't damage it I don't care
  5. ahh but you know them right? Id be pissed if I came out and someone had moved my bike and I didnt know who/why
  6. my bike gets parked in the shed where they store new crated bikes and cars for the car yard next door. I don't mind, besides if they damaged it it's in the right place to get fixed :)
    Its safer in there than being outside near the customer carpark :)

    If someone I didn't know moved it for my benefit I'd appreciate it :) If they damaged it, I'd rip their arms off :)
  7. Funny thing happened in regards to moving bikes.
    A mate and i parked right next to each other at the edge of an otherwise open area. Turns out the open area was the truck turning circle. The truckie decided to move my mates bike - a beaten up little ZZR250, but not move my bike, an at the time immaculate looking FZR250.

    Seems like his logic is an extra scratch on an already messed up bike wouldnt hurt, but he didnt want to be responsible for messing up an immaculate bike.
  8. HAHAHA... My sentiments exactly.
  9. I wouldn't be too worried about a Piaggo owner trying to rip my arms off!!

    Now if it was an HD or Duke, I'd steer well clear...
  10. Nah, not a Duke
    they'd be too scared of spilling their their latte... :LOL:
  11. When I parked my old ZZR in a tight space, i'd leave it in neutral with the steering lock off so that someone could move it if necessary. Now that i've got a decent bike, I simply avoid parking in places where someone may have the need to move me.

    I've also had an ancient, beat up scooter park me in one day. I had no issue simply 'dragging' that thing out of my way into a real spot.