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Do you, or have you, or would you...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Thera, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Yes I have/do.

  2. No Never, Not interested either.

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  3. No, but it probably won't hurt me to try it.

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  1. Have/Had a go at lawn bowls?

    Curiosity is getting the better of me. I have a long time ago. Apparently it is getting to be youth popular, but is it Rider Popular...?

  2. I have :grin:

    Down at Balmain in Sydney. Had a great group of people, a few drinks and then dinner at the club there.

    Its a lot of fun if you go in with the right attitude - and the right people :LOL:
  3. I've always been biased against bowls.

    {Sorry, but if I hadn't done it, smee, or Rob, or joel, or someone else, would have :LOL:}
  4. Would like to give it a try - sounds like fun :grin:
  5. Now now Hornet, where is your sense of adventure :LOL:
  6. I have bare foot bowls is fun.

    I sucked at the start then once the beer followed by many more started working I was winning.
    Well I think I was. Then again, I was drunk so I had to be winning.
  7. A whole bunch of us went down to the Rockingham Lawn Bowls club ( WA ) and spent the day there for our christmas function. About 30 sailors/soldiers/airmen getting blind drunk and playing lawn bowls, it was the BEST christmas function EVER!

    It wasnt full oldies as i thought, there was a decent amount of twenty and thirty-somethings there playing.

    I recommend it for anyone who isnt afraid to be seen doing it! LOL

  8. There is only one legit type of bowling... and it involves pins, lanes and preferably alcohol :LOL:
  9. Don't bowl so much anymore; hurts my liver too bad :wink:

    What can I say? $3.00 for any schooner at my local and it's within stumbling distance of home AND Uni. Grouse!

  10. Saw a sign on the back of a bowls queensland van the other day:

    "You don't know Jack till you give it a crack"
  11. Get a group together and see if you can organise someone from the club to give you all a quick lesson while you down your first (very cheap) drink, then enjoy the afternoon sun getting drunk and forgetting which way the bowl curves...
  12. A Solemn Warning for all of yez.

    More people die , while playing Lawn Bowls, than participants in any other sport.

    It is obviously a very dangerous pastime.

    Don't do it . Rock Fishing is safer, as is Motorcycling.

  13. More dangerous? What if we wore helmets? :shock:
  14. Oops, I answered "No, but I'd try it"... and then realised that I've played the French game of Boules/Petanque several times over the years. Not quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite the same, but close.
  15. lol, I could just see the headlines if a group went bowling in ATGATT.

    "Terrorising Bikers Take over Local Bowling Club"
  16. It's probably because most of the demographic is in the high risk group of heart attack.
  17. No just take 5kmh off your bowling, speed kills.
  18. Wearing a Franger makes it safer.
  19. Lawn bowls is for pensioners, another 30yrs and might think about it :LOL:
  20. Make sure you wear full leathers,