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Do you nod?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by van, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. I dunno if this has been posted before, since I can't search for "nod" (has to be more than 3 letters).

    Anyway. I went for a ride today from Mt. Waverley, through the Dandenongs, down through Croydon, through Ringwood to Warrandyte, right through there and then down Reynolds Rd (from Anderson's Creek Rd) and followed that right around to whatever road takes you back to Warrandyte-Ringwood Rd (the one with the nice downhill semi-hairpin).

    Overall, I passed about 10 motorcyclists coming in the other direction, and nodded to each, and got 3 nods back. I know at least 5 or 6 of the others saw me, and weren't in the middle of a maneuvre that would have made nodding a problem. So 3 nods from at least 8 or 9 possibles. I feel like I've got "dickhead" written across my helmet or something! How hard is a nod damn it!

    Probably overreacting huh ;)

    Anyway, do you nod?
  2. yes i nod, but for some reason i get far more people nodding to me during the week than on a week end, even then not that many, maybe cause im a newb?
  3. i don't nod, but thats because i haven't been riding that long and am concentrating hard on keeping myself on the road :/
  4. Always a nod or a wave.
  5. Haha, that's cute.

    :roll: :p
  6. It's not about the guys who don't nod back, it's about the ones that do. I nod even when I drive, something my girlfriend had a chuckle over this morning cos poeple on bikes don't even look at car drivers.
    Personally, I don't do it expecting a response, I do it with the thought of "G'day mate. Ain't it great to be on the bike today" in mind.
  7. (nods a yes)
  8. Haven't had the opportunity to nod yet, still waiting for the cash flow to make a purchase.

    But when i get out there it'll be nods all round
  9. Haha, atta boys.
  10. Absolutely :)

    today i gave a group of learners a big wave :grin: got to teach them early :grin:
  11. i nod all the time, some are ignorant, look straight at me and dont nod back, but some do, i had one guy gives me a big wave then did a wheelie :grin:
  12. yeah i give the nod or a little wave......wave only if the traffic is nice and no danger around of course :grin: :grin:
  13. Yep definatly.

    and on a by line i've had 3 cagers wave me past the last week or 3, big thumbs up to them.

    also try waving at kids in the back of cars, i did a run from home to cranny to frankston, up olivers hill to mornington, back through Tyab, Tooradin and Koowee yeasterday and kids seem to love it when you wave at them either at the lights or when going past, got some huge smiles, waves and thumbs up from the kids. :) and it cant help but improve the image of bikes in general.
  14. Seach Nodding. It brings up quite a few. :)

    Yep, I'm constantly nodding. :grin:
  15. Nod, even the odd slight wave, when traffic & road conditions allow.
    Always try to wave to the kids. Even if you cant wave let them see your face,& smile @ them. They seem to understand. They seem to get a bigger thrill when a pillion passenger gives them a big wave.
  16. Seany: Crap, didn't think of that! Hahah. Thanks :)

    Yeah, waving to the kids is great. I was at the lights today and a couple crossed at the intersection with their youngins, the kids waving and the parents smiling at my polite wave back. Every changed attitude is a step in the right direction!
  17. Yep, they seem to understand a LOT more than there cages parents, who knows may be they will remember when they grow up and buy a bike, or at least be bike aware.
  18. I'm flat out tryin to coordinate my feet and hands to work with each other let alone move my head aswell. Seriously though, i do try to dish out a nod if i havnt already got one from the opposite. Stiff bickies if ya dont get one back but it is satisfying when ya do get one.
    Given up on harley riders though. Learnt very quickly how much of a lost cause it is nodding to these guys. And most BMW riders, i seem to get squat back.
  19. most of the time
  20. I agree with others, kids get a real kick if you wave to them. It's the same when you are stopped somewhere where there are families/kids around - kids and old folk alike love having a squiz at bikes and chatting to their owners. I guess it's fascination/interest from different angles. Either way a bit of PR ain't a bad thing.